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The beautiful Costa Rican artist surprised her Instagram followers by publishing this photo in which she appears modeling a beautiful and elegant pink dress

The beautiful and talented Costa Rican artist , Maribel Guardia, is one of those celebrities who has shown us that fame does not have to change people, she has remained simplefriendly and above all with a very positive attitude , grateful to God for everything she has given her and for everything she has allowed her to achieve in her career.

Despite being 62 years old, the actress retains a dream figure, literally one of the most beautiful models that we can see on social networks, working with a smile while the professional photographer is in charge of capturing the images to continue promoting the products. products it promotes, collaborating with various online stores.

Maribel Guardia Looks Beautiful And Impeccable To Start The Week
Maribel Guardia Looks Beautiful And Impeccable To Start The Week

This time it is an impressive and imposing pink dress , with a spectacular design, she managed to summarize her silhouette once again, with cuts on the side and some chains, she showed that she is fashionable and that she has become an excellent Influencer .

Tens of thousands of people have already seen the image, a piece of entertainment that already has more than 15,000 reactions and thousands of comments where her fans are dedicated to expressing all that admiration, love and attraction that she generates in them, but in addition to her physique too she shared an important phrase with us.

“Not even your worst enemy can hurt you as much as your thoughts”, words that show that she has had the opportunity to grow inside and enough experience to share with us only the most important thing, we ourselves can become our own enemies, so we must beware of such negative thoughts.

Maribel Guardia Looks Beautiful And Impeccable To Start The Week
Maribel Guardia Looks Beautiful And Impeccable To Start The Week

Maribel Guardia is not only a beautiful person on the outside but also on the inside, she has also shown us all the excellent values ​​she has, these types of phrases appear in practically each of her publications and she takes the opportunity to transmit a little bit of everything she has learned and what he considers important to improve us every day.

With this excellent attitude, a smile and an excellent way of modeling, the native of Costa Rica shows us that she will continue to give everything, in fact, at the moment she is participating in a comedy show called “Albertano contra los Mostros”, in the company of his partner and friend, actor Ariel Miramontes in his popular role as this character.

Maribel is unstoppable, she also participates in the play ‘Tenorio Cómica’, where she has the opportunity to play “Doña Inés” and entertain the audience that comes to watch her and meet her in person, a staging where she also She is accompanied by many other fellow actors who want to return to this beautiful tradition that is theater.

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