Maribel Guardia explodes when she was questioned about the affair she had with the ex-husband of Susana Dosamantes

As on few occasions, Maribel Guardia showed her annoyance at questions involving Susana Dosamantes, who is now dealing with cancer.

Maribel Guardia Carlos Vasallo
Maribel Guardia Carlos Vasallo

This Friday, April 22, 2022, it was publicly announced that Susana Dosamantes has pancreatic cancer and is currently receiving the relevant treatment at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, Florida. Given this, many celebrities have spoken with messages of solidarity towards the actress; One of them was Maribel Guardia, who did not hesitate to send her a speedy recovery. “I wish Mrs. Susana [Dosamantes] the best. God bless her and my respect for all my family, and blessings for all,” she told the media.

Several years ago, Guardia had an affair with Carlos Vasallo, the ex-husband of Paulina Rubio‘s mother; She even mentioned, at that time, that although the businessman was separated when they began the romance, his divorce had not yet been finalized; which, it was rumored, annoyed Dosamantes and his daughter. However, it is a close issue that the host also does not like to address and which caused her annoyance when she was questioned about it. “Girls [reporters] how ugly that they are talking about it at times like this, really. Really, you have to respect it,” she warned.


Maribel Guardia Explodes When She Was Questioned About The Affair She Had With The Ex-Husband Of Susana Dosamantes


Maribel Guardia preferred to close this topic sharply and reiterated her good wishes to Susana Dosamantes and recalled that she suffered the loss of her mother due to the same illness. “[The good heart] I have for all the people who are sick and more so for a person as dear as she is,” she mentioned.

“I lived it with my mother. She died of cancer when I was nine years old and it was very painful for me because of how small I was,” she added. “It is a disease that you wish all the people who suffer from it is that God bless them, accompany them and that they never lose faith because there are miracles.”

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