Johnny Depp fans receive the worst news in the middle of the trial against Amber Heard.

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They reveal the great complication that Johnny Depp could have to win the defamation trial against his ex-partner, Amber Heard.

For a few weeks we have been experiencing one of the most controversial trials in recent years, it is the defamation case between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp , where we have seen a series of statements that have left everyone speechless.

The defamation trial has revealed many things, so now the lawyer Vance Owen has revealed the details that can make up the case, since for this there are four parameters that he revealed in an interview for CNN.

A removal case has four elements, the first is that there is a false statement by the person, that it is transmitted to third parties and that it is done negligently or with harmful intent, the fourth element is that it causes damage to one’s reputation

The complications that Johnny Depp can have

However, these elements do not apply in the same way to all people in the United States, since according to what was expressed by the lawyer, the Supreme Court of the neighboring country makes a distinction between private or public people.

Because of these types of distinctions, the rules in the trial change, so that can make it difficult for Johnny Depp to beat Amber Heard.

 Private means a person who is not famous, public, means a person who has put himself in the public sphere, a celebrity, an actor, a professional player of some sport, those people have to check an additional element in their case, that the statement was made maliciously, there will be the problem for Johnny Depp

Let’s remember that, in the article that Amber Heard published , he never mentioned the actor, although everyone assumes that it is Johnny Depp , which only leaves the possibility that they check it by insinuation.

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