Lyn May attempts a lip kiss on Daniel Arenas

Lyn May
Lyn May

“Lose my respect?” Lyn May questioned Daniel Arenas after several attempts to kiss him on the lips. He demonstrated that she thought him repulsive.

In a recent episode of Telemundo’s morning show ‘Hoy Da,’ presenter Daniel Arenas appeared in an extremely uncomfortable scene with vedette Lyn May, which has gone viral on social media.

Lyn May da a conocer que tiene 3 meses de embarazo

I can see her strong curiosity since the famous Colombian greeted her, which developed until she sought to seduce him by placing her foot on his leg, continuing to caress her hands and body… all in front of the camera.

Lyn May attempted to kiss Daniel Arenas on multiple occasions, but he politely declined, expressing extreme discomfort.

Then he told her to stay away from her: “I am a gentleman, and I must respect the woman who is waiting for me at home (…) I consider myself extremely fortunate to have you here… I’m not nervous; I’m delighted to have you here.”

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