Adamari López flaunts her trim physique while preparing a Milanese dish

Adamari Lopezz
Adamari Lopezz

Adamari López, the host, has become a fan of showing off her physique after losing several kilos, and she recently showed off her tiny form while cooking a Milanese dish.

At 51 years old and after a significant weight gain, the gorgeous Puerto Rican, Adamari López, has more than returned her good figure, so much so that she now jokes about it while wearing very vaporous and risky gowns.

Adamari Lopez

The celebrity left everyone amazed once again through her Instagram account, a site in which the presenter is quite an influencer with her little more than eight million followers, because she showed off her tiny physique while making a Milanese.

Dresses are one of Adamari López’s favourite clothing because she wears them all the time. On this occasion, and from the comfort of her own home, the tiny gold girl joked about her weight, despite the fact that the minidress she was wearing suggested that her obesity was a thing of the past, and in another shot, we see her with a huge waist in a white dress.

The famous actress flaunts her amazing beauty in these flowing, short, and tight-fitting costumes both at home and in the morning forum where she works every day. Such is the case with another of her costumes, in which she truly demonstrated her best qualities.

In this way, the Puerto Rican always shows off her best costumes on Instagram, where the majority of her fans always appreciate her and shower her with beautiful words and comments.

In Adamari’s case, the traditional white gown was paired with a loose wavy hairstyle, one of the actress’s favourite looks. It is also ideal for highlighting the neckline and upper pattern of the garment with an updo or semi-updo.

Considering Adamari’s past as an overweight woman, the famous woman now treats it as a joke, and as a result, she astonished herself by filming herself preparing a huge Milanese with a lot of oil, while stating the following:

Ah, the girl wants to be thin, but she keeps swallowing. It makes me laugh a lot because the girl is me, ”she said jokingly, the driver.

In this situation, the dress stands out because the upper section is embroidered and has textural accents on the neckline. Toni Costa’s ex-partner paired her dress with stiletto-style sandals with translucent mooring. This will be a continuing trend in 2023, allowing foot manicures to take centre stage.

adamari lopez

In this way, it appears that Adamari López has managed to control her weight, aided by exercise and a healthy diet, as well as various massage-based procedures that shape her body.

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