Erika Buenfil looked stunning in Marisol. It was 27 years ago

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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Erika Buenfil
Erika Buenfil

Erika Buenfil’s excellent artistic career is incredibly stable, so we’ll show you what she looked like 27 years ago in “Marisol” today.

Marisol” is a 1996 telenovela starring the actress Erika Buenfil. It was released 27 years ago, and Eduardo Santamarina performed the roles of José Andrés Garcés del Valle Pedroza and Ruiz Pedroza.

The Mexican is currently 59 years old, so when she played the protagonist, she was 32 years old, yet the famous has not changed much since her youth, thanks to her fantastic attitude, enormous beauty, and wonderful smile that melts the hearts of his followers.

Long golden hair is what Erika Buenfil wore, porcelain skin that contrasted with her gorgeous eyes, a petite silhouette, her enormous beauty attracted every time she strolled the streets of the city, in the first episode of “Mariso”, the audience witnessed this.

Erika Buenfil Es Condenada En Redes Por Promover En Redes Una Prueba De  Antígenos Tras Dar Positivo A Covid - Los Angeles Times

Erika is currently working on the soap opera “Forgive Our Sins,” where she plays Estela Cáceres with Jorge Salinas, who plays Armando Quiroga. The show aired on Monday, January 30 of this year.

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