Low blow to Televisa: Ariadne Díaz resigns from leading role and Danna García would be her replacement, they say

Danna Garcia
Danna Garcia

Ariadne Díaz, who was contemplated to star in the new version of ‘La Dueña’ would have given up the lead role and Danna Garçía would be her replacement

In the world of soap operas, there are always surprises and this time is no exception. The news was recently released that Ariadne Díaz resigned as the lead  in the new version of ‘La Dueña’ and has caused a stir in the artistic environment. It was announced that the Colombian actress Danna Garçia will be her  replacement  in said TelevisaUnivisión melodrama .
Danna García, actriz de Pasión de Gavilanes, tiene coronavirus | CNN

Recall that the Mexican telenovela La Dueña was first broadcast in 1995 and is considered a classic, and many fans were excited for the remake that will be tentatively named La Minera  . In addition, the presence of Ariadne Díaz and Osvaldo de León as protagonists had generated great expectations among the public, as users were very happy with this new couple as protagonists of the novel.


La actriz Danna García podría estar sufriendo acoso de sus vecinos por  estar infectada de coronavirus - Los Angeles Times


However, everything changed when Aurora Valle, a well-known entertainment journalist, revealed that Ariadne Díaz had given up melodrama. According to her testimony, the producer Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo confirmed that the actress gave Televisa a low blow by deciding to abandon ship, despite already being confirmed and that she had already signed a contract, so the resignation from her


Ariadne Díaz dice adiós a la telenovela Vencer la ausencia | People en  Español


“But they tell me ‘it’s not that they are casting for Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo ‘. And I said ‘well, wasn’t Ariadne Díaz already confirmed?’, and by chance I found Pedro and I said ‘what happened?’, and he told me says: ‘he got off the boat, like that ‘no, I’m not going to do it anymore’, when it was already very confirmed’, it seems that something else did come up, “Valle indicated.


Aurora Valle also mentioned that the protagonist of La Malquerida  had already negotiated her contract and had even signed it, so the reasons why she decided to leave the project that bears the tentative name, ‘La Minera’, are unknown, according to reports. filtering on social media. Although at the moment the exact title of this new Televisa bet is unknown.


Ariadne Díaz regresa a las telenovelas con 'Vencer la Ausencia' tras 4 años  fuera de TelevisaUnivision - La Opinión


Who could replace Ariadne Díaz?

Given the news of Ariadne Díaz’s resignation, many soap opera fans wonder who could be her replacement. Well, recently it was announced that the Colombian actress Danna García would have attended a casting for the new version of ‘La Dueña’. Although the reasons behind the resignation of the talented actress are unknown, many wonder if it has to do with her recent marriage to Marcus Ornellas and her role as her mother.


Danna García coronavirs: She worries about appearing with a respirator


Regardless of the reasons behind the resignation of the model from Jalisco, many wonder who will take the place of the actress in the new Televisa production Although there is still nothing confirmed, the name of Danna García has sounded strong as a possible candidate for the role.

Ariadne Díaz regresa a las telenovelas tras 4 años de ausencia

Garcia, who has had a successful career in soap operas, has not participated in a Mexican production since suffering a difficult experience with Covid-19. However, according to rumors, the actress is ready to return to work in Mexico and she could move to the country to accept the role of her in the telenovela La Minera.
Meanwhile, fans of ‘La Dueña’ and the world of telenovelas in general are eagerly awaiting more details about the casting and the final choice of the protagonists of this new version of one of the most beloved soap operas on Mexican television. . Undoubtedly, the resignation of Ariadne Díaz has been a surprise for many, but in the world of entertainment there are always changes and surprises.

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