Sofía Rivera Torres and África Zavala, top 5 of their best chikinis

Sofia Rivera
Sofia Rivera

From the beach or the pool, África Zavala and Sofía Rivera Torres showed their silhouettes in swimsuits and this is the top five of the best

With the temperature rising every day, swimsuits are essential to face the heat and two of the celebrities who have quickly jumped on the trend are Sofía Rivera Torres and África Zavala , who revealed their curves in a very sensual way. 

Even when it’s not spring, Sofía Rivera Torres usually shows off everything she has with her sexiest swimsuits, while África Zavala chooses the occasions on which she wears a mermaid costume and here we present you a top 5 of her best chikinis .

Africa Zavalaaa

1 Green, I love you green

The Mexican actress , star of melodramas such as “ Peregrina ” and “Código Postal”, left her fans breathless as she walked along the beach wearing everything she has in a green chikini with which she showed off her curves. 

Walking along the beach, África Zavala revealed her marked abdomen with a top with sleeves under her shoulders and a ruched neckline with which she revealed her charms; the bikini was so tiny and she tied up with tucks on the sides. A goddess. 


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2 Golden Skin

Sofía Rivera Torres did not measure herself at all to show off her charming curves in a light green bikini that stood out with her golden skin from the sun, making some close-ups to all that drives Eduardo Videgaray crazy. 

The American television host made some closed shots of her great body, showing off her attributes in front of the camera and giving away some collectible postcards to her fans on social networks. 


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3 A little mermaid

Kneeling on the sand while the waves crashed against her body, Africa Zavala left no room for doubt about her beauty in a red bikini that got wet from the sea water, while she posed like a little mermaid. 

The beautiful Mexican actress left her breathless by showing off her perfect figure, already posing in the sand, showing that she is capable of putting even the sanest of minds in check and remembering why she is considered a monument. 


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4 Barbie Girl Mode

The pink color is one of Sofía Rivera Torres’s favorites, who showed that she is how she wants with a chikini of that color, so pale that it blended in with her skin and gave the optical illusion of being painted on her curves. 

Standing in front of some rocks in the sea, the actress from ” Cabo ” left her fans sighing by revealing her wet body while playing with the straps of her bikini, making it clear that nothing moves. 


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5 Dangerous transparencies 

The color black will always be a good option for any type of garment, but Sofía Rivera Torres took it to another level by showing off in a two-piece swimsuit that had dangerous transparencies that created fantasies. 

The host of ” What does it matter !” She showed a little more with a bra that covered only what was necessary, in addition to the fact that the bikini also made all her admirers tremble with all that she has. 


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