Lis Vega wears polka dots perfect for this season

Lis Vega
Lis Vega

The beautiful Cuban Lis Vega becomes a trend thanks to her wise and flattering look, perfect for this new season!

The beloved and long-awaited spring just entered a couple of days ago, however, in fashion, its incredible looks and colorful garments had already been available for some time, since fashion icons were already wearing them .

Lis Vegaaa


The Cuban Lis Vega is a great fashion icon, at the age of 45 and with an incredible career as a dancer, actress and singer , the vedette shares publications through her social networks in which her impressive looks capture all eyes.

On this occasion, the dancer showed off in a successful and extremely flattering outfit, ideal for this spring! They are tight white pants, while on top she wore a pink mini top with white polka dots, causing all the attention to be focused on that garment.


Lis Vega 1

Lis Vega accessorized her feminine wardrobe with gold jewelry, discreet earrings dangling from her ears, and tied her beautiful long dark hair into a perfect ponytail, not allowing any unruly locks to obstruct her beautiful face.

CLICKING HERE you can see the complete photo session.

Lis Vega fits the animal print and her fans fall in love

Being a singer, of course, the vedette would not allow any publication to be made without sharing a few words on her part, so she headed the description by saying the following:

“LIFE IS CYCLIC, first it hurts, then you heal and then you stop caring (applies to everything)
Trust and surrender to the journey of the soul”

She continued to express herself through words with the following:

Lis Vega 2

“A noble soul does not let the ego contaminate it for a long time, self-love is always salvation.
DO NOT ALLOW ANYTHING OR ANYONE TO HAVE THE POWER OF YOUR EMOTIONS. What belongs to you always finds a way to manifest itself, DO NOT PERSECUTE, ATTRACT “

In four different poses, it was in which Lis Vega revealed her beauty before the camera, radiating a coquettish and amazing light every time the corners of her lips pull up, creating a beautiful smile.

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