Lis Vega and her three best exercises for a good behind

Lis Vega 1
Lis Vega 1

Being one of the icons of the most present fitness life on the internet, the star Lis Vega has the best exercises to achieve a good “behind” this summer

The beautiful star  Lis Vega  constantly reminds her followers of the reasons why she maintains an enviable figure at 44 years of age. Her formula is not a secret to anyone, as she has revealed on multiple occasions that she likes to lead a very active life.

Lis Vega

If you want to start doing sports this Monday, we have compiled for you some of the exercises that the  Poet of the Urban  was exemplifying, however, you must take into account that each body is different, so the same does not always work for everyone.

Hip thrust

Here adding weight is optional, however Lis Vega has chosen to put a little weight to enhance its effectiveness. Its purpose is to work the gluteal area in an integral way.

The initial position is with the shoulders and back resting on the bench, once this is the case, the weight is raised with the hip, using all the strength of that area. It is important that the weight is on the hip, not on the thighs or at the level of the groin.

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goblet squat

This exercise is very similar to traditional squats, but they are executed holding a weight or dumbbell in the hands. The correct way to do it is to try not to arch your back forward and keep your abdominals strong to avoid injuries to the lower back.


Raising the level of difficulty a little, you can do this exercise with dumbbells, or if you are a beginner, without them it also works using our body weight.

It is easier than it seems, first you have to take a step forward keeping your back straight and lowering your hips to our maximum, trying to touch the ground with your knee.

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