Cast of Neighbors is in mourning again, they say goodbye to a member


Once again, the cast of “Vecinos” says goodbye to a member of their program, “We are going to miss you, fly high “Juanito”

Bad news is spread on social networks and a sad lashes the cast of ” Vecinos “, because they say goodbye to a member of their comedy show again, because only in the month of March, they have had to say goodbye to two valuable members of your work team.

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On Saturday, March 11, one of the first actors in Mexico, Ignacio López Tarso, died at the age of 98, being one of the characters that was part of the cast, as he gave life to ” Don Lazaro “, now eleven days then again on the social networks of the program issues a sad statement.

Juan Manuel Herrera Chaparro was part of the production of “Vecinos”, although some users of social networks claim that he appeared in different chapters, doing small performances, but without a doubt he was part of the hearts of his companions on the set.


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In a tweet, the production team wrote the following farewell message:

“We deeply regret the death of our friend Juan Manuel Herrera Chaparro, he was part of the #Vecinos team We will miss you, fly high “Juanito”

Attaching a photograph of Juan Manuel, although the details about the reason for the cause were not entered, on the Twitter platform he is feeling


This situation is the topic of conversation and a theory is being created about it.

It is believed that there is a curse around the cast of ” Vecinos “, because in just one month there are two people who were part of the fun Televisa program and lost their lives, first starting with Ignacio López Tarso and now with Juan Manuel .

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In the comments section, netizens left their condolences and words of support for the person’s family, since they empathize with their feelings with co-workers, as well as family members.

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