They hurt Lorena Herrera, she receives an attack in the belly

Lorena Herrera
Lorena Herrera

At a press conference, the actress Lorena Herrera leaves extremely upset, after receiving a tremendous blow to the belly

The actress Lorena Herrera is promoting her new project, it is a play, which is called “2 x 1”, produced by Pepe  Magaña , with Sergio Mayer , Raquel Bigorra  and  Sergio Sendel as castmates.  , typecast in the comedy genre.


Now, the beautiful model was present at a press conference to delve a little more about the interesting story, about the rehearsals and about how her colleagues had felt, just like her, working together on this play, the which will have a release date next Sunday, April 2.

However, Lorena Herrera did not expect what would happen, since the paparazzi present had a closer approach to the protagonists of the project, one thing led to another, some pushing was present, reaching physical contact and that is when everything happened.


The protagonist of the play, that is, Herrera, faced with such closeness and disorder, suffered a blow to the stomach, causing her rage at such a situation, because the area of ​​her body was extremely sensitive due to an operation that suffered.

It was three weeks ago when she underwent surgery, the reason was to remove two hernias, Lorena Herrera confessed that the recovery process was very complicated, due to the care that this requires, as well as the pain that a surgical intervention undergoes.

Lorena Herrera shines in a risky transparent bodysuit and mask, after  surgery for two hernias | VIDEO

Therefore, when one of the people present hit her in that area, the annoyance was more than evident on the face of the actress, who did not limit herself to expressing it, but like a professional she continued with her work, but under the conditions that more caution be taken in a matter of proximity.

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