Lis Vega: the three machines she uses to make an impression

Lis Vega 4
Lis Vega 4

The gorgeous Lis Vega, 46, has an impactful “behind” that has everyone at its feet. We show you the machines she uses to keep it.

The gorgeous Lis Vega, at 46 years old, has an amazing “behind” that has everyone on social networks at her feet. She is one of the most renowned idols of fitness life on Mexican television.


Lis Vega


That is why, on this occasion, we bring to you the three gym machines that he uses to stay toned, even in the second half of his fourth floor life, as well as some training recommendations.

It is crucial to remember that, while these programs have benefitted Lis Vega, each body is unique, and it may take longer to get the desired results. Diet is also a significant role in muscle development.

1.hamstring curl machine

We’ve seen the singer utilize this equipment, which is intended to engage the muscles of the back of the leg through weight training, on multiple occasions via her Instagram account.

2.calf machine

As one of the most significant components of his training, the Cuban celebrity uses this machine to work not only his calves, but his entire leg as well, owing to his routines.

3.smith machine

Lis Vega does the classic deadlift exercise on the Smith machine, which is used for weight training and allows for a wide range of movements. You can conduct the famous deep squats thanks to its sliding, which is great for having a toned posterior area.

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