Laura Zapata confirms Gabriel Soto and Sara Corrales’ romance

Sara Corrales
Sara Corrales

The mystery has been solved! The Mexican actress ended up denying Irina Baeva, who would have told the press that her relationship with Gabriel Soto was going great, which Laura Zapata ended up contradicting in her recent statements by ensuring that the famous and Sara Corrales have a relationship.

Although Irina Baeva, the former fiancée of the actor from “My Way is to Love You,” has repeatedly stated that “everything is going well in their relationship,” a recent audio by a renowned artist confirms the opposite.

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Laura Zapata , who has remained very close to Gabriel Soto, with whom she was making a film, has been able to unite the two parts after she is currently in projects with the actress of “El señor de los cielos”.

As a result, the well-known villain in soap operas such as “Mara Mercedes” did not hesitate to speak out and confirm rumors about Gabriel Soto, about whom they say: “He melts with love for Sara Corrales.”

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Thala’s half-sister, who stated that Gabriel Soto is a very handsome, charming guy who is persecuted by women, confirmed that the courtship with the Russian artist would have ended, as he stated on the Chisme No Like Youtube program.

In recent weeks, the pair of drivers has emphasized the version that the protagonist of “V1no el amor” and Geraldine Bazán’s ex-husband would no longer be together, but both would be fulfilling a series of contracts with various brands with those who have had to comply.

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