Laura Van Salazar shows three spring beach looks

Laura Van Salazar
Laura Van Salazar

See the stunning beach designs that Laura Van Salazar shared on her official Instagram account for us to use this spring season.

Laura Van Salazar, a well-known Colombian influencer, has presented three stunning beach looks for this spring season on her official Instagram account. Laura, who has demonstrated her excellent ability to develop original designs that are different from what we are used to, is someone who knows how to look radiant on the beach.


Bella modelo e influencer, Laura Van Salazar, triunfa en redes sociales |  Diario de México


Laura has captivated her audience with her playful yet serious approach, demonstrating why we should follow her example and use local products, such as those her company creates in Colombia and sells in Miami, Florida, where she currently resides and enjoys all of her accomplishments.

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Laura Van Salazar de hobby a modelo profesional - Noticias Vespertinas |  Noticias Locales, Policiacas, sobre México, Guanajuato y el Mundo and gold

Laura’s first Instagram post features a snapshot of a bikini comprised of a top with a yellow print and a black backdrop, a fantastic combo for the beach. Furthermore, she paired the top with a thin fabric pareo that accentuates her shape and, without a doubt, is a fantastic alternative for any influencer follower who wants to look radiant on the beach this spring season.



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The second image depicts a lot more dramatic and colorful pattern, with tones of green, blue, purple, and white, as well as a highly distinct psychedelic design that is undoubtedly one of his brand’s most popular pieces. Laura, with her fresh and youthful style, exudes happiness and optimism, toasting her aspirations and demonstrating that life is meant to be lived to the fullest.


🦄 @lauravansalazar - Laura Van Salazar - TikTok


3.wild colors

Last but not least, Laura uploads a snapshot of herself from her balcony wearing a bikini that is unquestionably the craziest of all, thanks to its designs that are reminiscent of Africa and its fauna. Laura has created a unique piece full of personality with tones very similar to the wood and paintings of this culture that will undoubtedly be the favorite option for many followers to wear on the beach this season.

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