Kristal Silva uses a minidress to dethrone Anette Cuburu and Laura G

Kristal Silva
Kristal Silva

Kristal Silva has established herself as the most beautiful and attractive of the hosts in Venga La Alegra, and now she has swept and dethroned Anette Cuburu and Laura G with a minidress.

It appears that the programs Hoy and Venga La Alegra are in a fierce competition to see who has the most beautiful and spectacular hosts on television, because on this occasion, one of the collaborators of the TV Azteca morning show, struck with the adjusted and tiny dress in which she appeared in the program’s forum.

Kristal Silva: cuál es la verdadera razón detrás de su ausencia en “Venga  la Alegría” - Infobae

Both television shows feature a former beauty queen in their casts, and in the case of Venga La Alegra, it is the imposing and attractive Kristal Silva, who obviously has a spectacular physique, so when she put on such a tight and short dress, she stole the breath of more than one.

Kristal Silva surprised both viewers and her peers by arriving on the show, leaving the square with her imposing and statuesque figure, which always stands out in any outfit, but now that she has shown her legs and highlighted her short waist and wide hips, she took the applause.

A Kristal Silva se le levanta la falda en Venga la Alegría (FOTO)


Kristal Silva, 31, has established herself as one of the great figures of Mexican broadcast television, not only because of her undeniable charisma and talent for conducting, but also because of her powerful beauty.

Furthermore, Kristal Silva has shone in other projects, such as when she was a cast member on the reality show “Survivor México,” where she was one of the favorites and won the hearts of several of her devoted fans, increasing her popularity and presence.

Kristal Silva, conductora de Venga la Alegría, 'enamora' con bikini

Because of the foregoing, the famous host, born in Tamaulipas, has taken a larger role in the cast of TV Azteca since the end of 2022 and into 2023, and she practically steals reflectors in each of the sections.

The dress that the host wore at the start of this week drew a lot of attention because, in comparison to her companions, Laura G and Anette Cuburo, it was much more daring and risky because it was completely tailored to her figure, highlighting her great stature and stylized curves.

Kristal Silva muestra hasta las anginas con outfit de Barbie

As a result, Kristal Silva has become one of the main attractions of Venga La Alegra, because it is undeniable that she always steals all eyes, thanks to her outstanding silhouette, in addition to having a spectacular face with enormous and attractive eyes, as well as hair that does not ask for anything more than that of other great celebrities.

Kristal Silva’s career continues to rise in this manner, as she impresses with her physique and her positive attitude, because it is not only her style and the tight clothes she wears, but also her great charisma, sense of humor, and positive attitude. In front of the cameras.

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