Andrea Escalona smacks Galilea Montijo across the head

Andrea Escalona
Andrea Escalona

On the set of the Hoy program, spirits rose between two hosts made of words and jaloneos. When two of the Hoy program’s hosts ended up fighting in front of the cameras, Galilea Montijo retaliated against her colleague, Andrea Escalona, who made obscenities and jerks on the air!

In the midst of the morning members’ normal coexistence, two colleagues from the broadcast got into a heated argument in the middle of the program on the air. In one of the numerous morning dynamics, Galilea Montijo lashed out at Magda Rodrguez’s daughter, who smashed two eggs into the head of the ” Tapata ” without warning.


This happened as the Instagram celebrity and her partner were taking part in one of the production’s live games. The dynamic entails recalling all the words they can on a specific topic, repeating them and adding a new one, and so on, until that person is unable to remember everything he says in the round.

The penalty is to crack an egg on the head, which contains confetti, so they are not stained with water or any other liquid and can continue broadcasting as if nothing had happened, or at least it did.

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As a result, the first team to lose was Martha Galilea Montijo Torres after the answers were blown, for which ” La Montijo ” would receive the sanction of a great egg by Andrea Escalona, which turned into a battle, because without warning, he received a couple of taps with the shell, which did not break due to a lack of strength, but it did cause some pain.

“Andrea Rodrguez’s niece” laughed evilly, which enraged Galilea Montijo, who ended up grappling with her colleague to avoid a third attack, but the egg shattered in her hands: “There are three, I’m not going to give it to him, he handed me two madra***,” the “Till Money Do Us Part” actress stated.

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