Laura Bozzo is ridiculed for her tube dancing

Laura Bozzo
Laura Bozzo

Laura Bozzo, a 70-year-old Peruvian, never stops offering something to talk about, and she has recently caused quite a stir by allowing herself to be seen giving her all in an unusual Pole Dancing.

Rehearsing for the @quepaselaura program on @imagentvmex at 5:30, don’t miss it,” Laura Bozzo wrote in the video.

Miss Laura Bozzo, one of the most contentious women in show industry in recent years, has once again been placed in the eye of the hurricane and at the center of derision for attempting to conduct an exotic dance called ” Pole Dancing,” that is, in the tube.

A Laura Bozzo la buscan en México y habrían allanado apartamento de su hija

Laura Bozzo, 70, is back in the spotlight after appearing in The House of Famous 2. Since her ejection, the Peruvian native has drawn attention on multiple occasions for his unique manner of being, as well as his lack of dance elegance.

She has now put herself in the heart of criticism and contempt once more, because she gave herself permission to upload a video in which we see her taking classes from “Pole Dancing,” a discipline known for stunning dances on a pole, with two gorgeous instructors.

On this occasion, the controversial presenter stated that they were testing the program “Qué pasa Laura,” which will be broadcast on Imagen Televisión, and urged her fans not to miss it. The most striking aspect of her was witnessing her dance in the middle of the pole.

She says that she exercises every day, it would be to make her more flexible”, “Harder than the tube itself”, “Laura, please stop being ridiculous”, “Poor lady can’t even bend down”, “She looks like a worm with salt”, “She has fun working”, “Oh Laura, it looks like you’re doing the rain dance”, “Laurita is another tube”, “You don’t have any rhythm”, “God willing and don’t give her a chance to get on the tube”, “How ridiculous indeed, what harm did you do to be in the artist program”, commented some users.

Although the two remarkable teachers taught incredibly unusual pole dance techniques, the Peruvian is seen attempting to duplicate each of the movements, but without success, because the famous woman simply lacks cadence and rhythm.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Evidently, because the elderly driver is such a contentious and well-known character, Internet users did not miss the opportunity to express their thoughts on what they witnessed in this disturbing video, leaving all kinds of criticism and contempt for him.

Miss Laura Bozzo appears to understand well how to generate controversy and views, as the famous video has received over four thousand “likes,” as well as a long list of comments from individuals who couldn’t resist giving their opinion.

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