Brenda Zambrano leaves La Casa de Los Famosos and Laura Bozzo declares war on her Niurka

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Brenda Zambrano
Brenda Zambrano

The Casa de Los Famosos is already warming up, that is, the rivalries and alliances are already marked, this is after the second elimination where Brenda Zambrano was left out of the competition, something that was very surprising, since many expected more from the also influencer of 28 years old who was one of the most controversial.

And it is that Brenda Zambrano would have formed a great friendship with Laura Bozzo within La Casa de Los Famosos, where they always showed their support, that is why the Peruvian declared war on Niurka who assures that she is behind the nomination of the former Acapulco Shore reality star.

For those who do not know, the friendship between Brenda Zambrano and Niurka fell apart, as the young woman was more inclined to Laura Bozzo’s friendship, starting an alliance, but everything got out of control when the gossip began and the Cuban branded her as a manipulator. the influencer, for which a rivalry began between the two.

Now that Brenda Zambrano left the reality show, Laura Bozzo told the rest of her classmates that she was going to avenge her friend’s departure because now she was going to give Niurka a war with whom she got along very well at first, but as the days passed, things got tenser between the two blondes.

“Niurka and Laura should be the finalists, without them this is nothing”, “Poor Laura I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about, at least Niurka is direct and says what she thinks, hopefully, Laura will react”, “I’m with Laura!, but she must also take care of the people around her who are like the ones she criticizes!!!”, “I hope NIURKA and LAURA are nominated and let’s see if it is true that the production is going to be convenient for them to remove Laura”, write networks.

For those who do not know, the rules have changed in the second season of the Casa de Los Famosos, for which viewers expect more surprises, including new participants entering later to give the competition more controversy.

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