Season 2 Sees the Return of the Director of the Famous House of the Dragon Scene

the Dragon
the Dragon

One of the most significant developments in the production of House of the Dragon Season 2 was the departure of director and co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik, who was replaced by another Game of Thrones veteran, Alan Taylor, who directed many episodes of the second season.

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Geeta Patel is back.

Geeta Patel will return to the director’s chair for more House of the Dragon. We don’t know how many episodes she’ll direct, but we’re hoping for more than one.

As you recall, Patel helmed the eighth episode of House of the Dragon, “Lord of the Tides,” which had several powerful and emotional scenes, including one of the most renowned TV scenes of 2022: King Viserys Tagaryen marching across the royal room to the Iron Throne.

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Clare Kilner has returned.

We don’t know for sure, but we have reason to believe Clare Kilner will return for House of the Dragon Season 2. We don’t know how many episodes she’d direct if she is participating, as we do with Patel.

Kilner directed three first-season episodes: “King of the Narrow Sea” (104), “We Light the Way” (105) and “The Green Council” (109).

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Loni Peristere is now available (Rumored)

Finally, we have grounds to believe that Loni Peristere will be directing House of the Dragon Season 2 episodes. We don’t know for sure if he’ll be involved, just like Kilner.

For example, we know Peristere is currently in London, UK, preparing for a new project.

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Peristere is noted for his work in action series like as Banshee and Warrior, as well as horror in American Horror Story. He also helmed two episodes of Netflix’s The Witcher’s third season, which is set to premiere this summer.

House of the Dragon Season 2 is now under pre-production for an HBO release in 2024. Follow Redanian Intelligence for more information on House of the Dragon and other series.

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