Kim Kardashian surprised rumoured BF Pete Davidson with a UNBELIEVABLE gift for his birthday.

​​Kim Kardashian Had The Most Unexpected Gift For Rumoured Bf Pete Davidson On His Birthday

Flavor Flav recently revealed details about Pete Davidson’s epic birthday celebration with Kim Kardashian!

In an interview with ET, the 62-year-old rapper jokes that he was a gift from his girlfriend Kim Kardashian to the SNL writer. “When it comes to Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, first and foremost, to me, that is family,” Flav said. And I felt so honoured to be in their company the entire night. One thing I can say is that Pete Davidson adores Flavor Flav. ‘Flavor Flav this, Flavor Flav that, Flavor Flav this, Flavor Flav that, Flavor Flav this, Flavor Flav that, Flavor Flav this, Flavor Flav that, Flavor Flav this, Flavor Flav that, Flavor Flav this, Flavor Flav that, ‘OK, well, for your birthday, you’re going to have Flavor Flav,’ Kim said. She summoned me, and that’s how I wound up there.”


If you missed it, Davidson turned 28 last month, and he celebrated with Kardashian. Davidson, Kardashian West, and Kris Jenner were all dressed in matching pyjamas in a photo posted on Flav’s Instagram. Flav continued, “I was the birthday gift, and check this out, because that man had so much love for me, I did something for the first time ever in my life.” I took my clock from around my neck and gave it to him, and I’ve never given a clock to anyone else.”


“Yes, I gave Pete Davidson my clock, man, and I also gave him a book,” he added. I signed a book, and he said, ‘Flav, I want you to be my adopted father.’ And I’m like, ‘Do you?’ That’s right, everyone, I’m Pete Davidson’s adopted father.”


When asked about the rumoured relationship, Flav stated, “When it comes to Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s relationship, only those two know it best.” They just invited me into the circle, but I’m not sure what the full [storey] is. And, on top of that, there’s Kim and Pete, man. I’d rather they tell me about their situation than I tell them. But I’m grateful to them for allowing me to be the first to publicise the photo of the two of them together.”

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