Kim Kardashian strips naked to launch her makeup line

Kim Kardashian strips naked to launch her makeup line
Kim Kardashian strips naked to launch her makeup line

Kim Kardashian boasted her spectacular figure with daring photographs on social networks

Kim Kardashian in social networks shared daring photographs to delight the pupil to all the gentlemen who enjoy appreciating the beauty of the American businesswoman.

The socialite managed to drive everyone crazy by boasting its spectacular figure, with only 37 years has captivated his fans for being one of the celebrities with the largest number of followers.

In a snapshot the businesswoman stirred up all her faithful admirers showing off her spectacular figure, in the image Kim Kardashian is observed that her private parts are covered with flowers. In another photograph you can appreciate the beauty of the socialite that looks his semi-naked body covered also with flowers in pink.

The reason to show her curvaceous figure was to launch her new line of cosmetics, in her Instagram social account she commented the following:

‘Cherry Blossom Dreams I can not wait for you to see @kkwbeauty blush and deep shades of burgundy and plum color, along with 8 pink lips and shirts, all launched this Friday’.

It seems that the collection of new shadows and lipsticks will be launched on September 14.

The photograph was made by the fashion professional Greg Swales, in the image you can see the businesswoman who has long hair and is wearing a tiny bikini showing off her body.

And is that the new collection of cosmetics is inspired by beautiful trees pink shades, said Kim.

It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that the celebrity makes a semi-nude photo, remember that last May with the launch of its fragrance stirred up all Internet users with the provocative image of his body.

The American businesswoman managed to drive all her fans crazy with the daring photography, so far the snapshot has more than 2 million likes and thousands of comments from all the gentlemen who like to appreciate the beauty of Kim Kardashian.

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