In the Hoy programme, Paulina Rubio takes on Galilea Montijo

Paulina Rubioo
Paulina Rubioo

According to Paulina Rubio, the pop singer did not hold back during her visit to the Hoy programme and delivered a strong comment to Galilea Montijo.

Openly, the pop singer made strong remarks to one of the hosts of the Hoy programme where the so-called “Golden Girl” appeared as a guest, Galilea Montijo, who did not see Paulina Rubio coming.

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In recent days, the translator of ” Mo ” appeared on a morning programme, where she marketed her latest tune, ” It’s not my fault “, and where the presenters performed a dynamic to spotlight the deceased’s daughter, Susana Two loves.

After a long hiatus in her career and various scandals involving her life, Paulina Rubio returned with new projects, which she discussed in a spot in the midst of the program’s set, but at one point, Galilea Montijo figured as the composer herself.

El momento en que Paulina Rubio detiene un show y acusa a un guardia de  seguridad de haberla tocado - Infobae

Everything seems to indicate that the outfit that the ” Tapata ” used to impersonate her was not to the former Timbiriche’s liking, who did not keep silent until the last one who let ” La Montijo ” go his opinion, being Raal Araiza who placed the cherry on top and finished off with another comment.

“I look like Pau’s drag,” the Televisa colleague initially said, to which the ” ex de Colate ” subsequently retorted with a criticism reminiscent of the nightlife that ” Gali ” was involved in prior to being on television.

La brutal caída de Paulina Rubio en su último concierto

I appreciate that she gets ahead of the scene, that she has hair like my aunt Amanda Miguel and that she is beautiful than me in the morning, that is, I see you in the future but at night, said the so-called “Queen of Latin Pop” in 2014 to what Araiza added “Allá en Insurgentes”.

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