Tania Rincón, who follows an exercise regimen, is the most beautiful nowadays

Tania Rincon
Tania Rincon

Tania Rincón, the host of the Hoy programme, is always looking to stay in shape, and a fitness routine is essential for her to be “the most beautiful of Today.”

Tania Rincón’s beauty left many dumbfounded following her recent appearance at the Lo Nuestro Awards gala where she showed off her amazing shape and it would be attributed to a fitness routine that made her “the most attractive today.”

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In one of her most recent posts, the colleague of Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo revealed with her more than 4 million followers a look that she wore to the awards ceremony and that also showed off her slim physique.

Tania Rincón wore a light fabric and glitter dress with a giant yellow bow on the neck and back.

Tania Rinconnnn

The best secret for an enviable figure like that of the former host of ” Venga la Alegra” is a workout programme that mostly focuses on jogging; it is one of the habits with which the mother of Amelia and Patricio begins her day.

A sort of “cardio” that clearly improves the condition, and with which the morning member, Tania Vanessa Rincón Sánchez, compensates for her absences from the gym.

Esta es la insólita estatura de Tania Rincón | MDZ Online

Running early in the morning, according to experts, offers numerous benefits such as blood pressure control, sleep quality regulation, and a higher level of focus for the rest of the day.

This explains why the host of ” La Caminera ” has such a fantastic physique, as only 30 or 40 minutes three times a week are required for this activity to maintain an ideal weight and the other numerous benefits listed.

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