How The Walking Dead went from being a pioneer to one of the most hated series

‘The Walking Dead’ returns with season 9, its umpteenth test of fire after the departure of Andrew Lincoln and the renewal for an additional delivery.


‘The Walking Dead’ is one of the most difficult series that a columnist, also a spectator, can approach. First of all, because it gives the impression that AMC’s zombie fiction has been circling the same loop for several seasons, and because its moments of creative brilliance have been left behind. Later, because despite its free fall in audiences, it is still one of the most viewed series in the world, also one of the most commented , and the most hated. There are a couple of television terms, those designed in recent years, to name something that already exists, which apply perfectly to ‘The Walking Dead’ .

On the one hand, the purge watching ,  of continuing to see a series that you no longer like just to get rid of it. On the other, the frontal hate watching : seeing something only to be able to join the mass that criticizes it. That happens with few series. ‘The Walking Dead’ is also a pioneer in this. We will see if the second part of season 9, which has obtained better criticism than the previous delivery, helps to warm the spirits. The new chapters will be the umpteenth test of fire , after a temporary reset and plot and the march of more and more leading actors.

Will ‘The Walking Dead of its own Apocalypse’ be saved? We will see first if it is saved from one of the biggest challenges that a series can face: that its protagonist throws in the towel. Last summer we learned that Andrew Lincoln would leave his role as Rick Grimes after more than eight seasons (his official farewell was last fall), and he was honest with his reasons. “It’s time to go home,” he said of his decision , motivated by the fact that he had lived in a country different from his family for years. But the truth is that his departure was not one of those sangria with which other characters have left. Both the star and the creators of the series have left open the possibility of a return, and the theories point to a possible film.

Lincoln has not been the only one. Lauren Cohan, who has given life to Maggie, one of the most beloved heroines, confirmed her departure after a failed negotiation of salary increase and her signing for another series, ‘Whiskey Cavalier’. And just a few days ago she also confirmed that there are negotiations for his return to the saga, perhaps in the form of a spin-off . In addition they have fired Lennie James (Morgan, now in ‘Fear The Walking Dead)’, Chandler Riggs (little Carl), and may Danai Gurira (the great Michonne) …

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