Georgina Rodríguez uses Andrea Legarreta’s advice to show off long legs

Georgina Rodriguezzz
Georgina Rodriguezzz

It works! The incredible advice of Andrea Legarreta to show off long legs was “used” by the model Georgina Rodríguez

Being one of the most famous personalities in Mexico and having a great influence on Mexican television, the host Andrea Legarreta shared a little trick with her followers to show off slim, long and perfect legs, it does work!

Georgina Rodriguez


The television star once mentioned that taking pictures directly on the legs and from an angle from above or very below, visually elongated the legs more than they were, advice that the beautiful model Georgina Rodríguez “used” recently .


Well, the wife of the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo , shared a publication from her official Instagram account, has more than 47 million followers, in the aforementioned post where she included two different images, starring herself but having her legs as protagonists.

Georgina Rodriguez


In the first photograph, Georgina Rodríguez can be seen on a few steps of a staircase, dressed like the empowered woman she is, extremely glamorous stiletto heels, with tight denim jeans, which perfectly highlighted her slim body, in an elegant long-sleeved button-down blouse.


CLICKING HERE you can see the complete session.


Georgina Rodriguez


The photograph was taken from below, so the model’s silhouette looked more elongated, definitely a good angle was captured by the camera, so her fans would not let it go unnoticed, leaving endless comments in the comments section. flattery.


While in the second photograph, Georgina Rodríguez made sure to only capture part of her bag, her legs and the glamor of her open-heeled sandals, another of the strategies mentioned by the host Andrea Legarreta to show off perfect legs.


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Achieving a total of almost three million interactions in the “likes” section and thousands of comments from her followers, where you could read how beautiful she looked in her flirty and elegant look.

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