Georgina Rodríguez and 5 secrets of her unmistakable style

Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez

Applauded and criticized alike, the Argentine model Georgina Rodríguez has an unmistakable sense of fashion whose secrets we will be revealing today.

Being applauded and criticized almost in equal parts, the beautiful model Georgina Rodríguez has formed over the years an unmistakable aesthetic in her outfits that many of her followers aspire to reach.

Georgina Rodriguezz

Today we will be revealing to you some of her basic secrets to always look impeccable and loaded with luxuries, whether it is in her daily activities as a mother of 5 or on a busy recording set of her famous show . shoes

It is said that Argentina has more than 50 pairs of shoes from this famous sports brand, which she uses on all occasions when she has the opportunity to feel more comfortable, whether it is on her recurring trips on her private jet or to explore the streets of Spain. with their little ones.

2.Allo Yoga Sets

Being one of the most representative ambassadors of the brand, Georgina Gio knows how to use beautiful sports outfits in and out of training, being basics in her wardrobe in all colors or shapes.

3.flawless skin

Skin care is of the utmost importance in any beauty routine, as it will make your image look clean in any circumstance. Such is the case of CR7’s wife, who is a lover of Korean masks.

4.His Hermés collection

It is well known that Georgina Rodríguez has a great love for the bags of this prestigious brand, as she has been seen using all sizes and colors in her inventory, from the most classic to some in vibrant colors that have rarely circulated in stores. Her collection is said to be some of the most expensive in her estate.

5.XL size jewelry

Another of the basics that cannot be missing is diamond jewelry, which she takes anywhere, even to the most casual events. He is seen with rings, chokers and earrings of various brands, but always moving away from subtleties.

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