This is how Ana Layevska’s real face looks without makeup paste; is another!

Ana Layevska
Ana Layevska

This is what the actress Ana Layevska looks like with her real face, without makeup pastes that she boasts at 41 years of age in various publications on social networks

Although made up and fixed, the Ukrainian actress Ana Layevska looks very pretty, her real face without makeup pastes makes her look like a completely different person. Well, the soap opera interpreter herself is the one who has been seen with her face washed from her on more than one occasion and she is proud of how she looks.
Ana Layevska habla de cómo se encuentra su familia en Ucrania

Her Instagram account is her accomplice in the various moments she enjoys with her family and the protagonist of the Netflix series “Guerra de Vecinos” (2021-2022), she does not miss the opportunity to share her happiest moments with her family. or with her husband Rodrigo Moreira, whom she loves.

However, showing herself with her face washed does not take away the sleep of the actress of “My Secret” (2022-2023) -production of Carlos Moreno Laguillo for TelevisaUnivisión-, because Ana Layevska is proud of her natural beauty that she possesses his 41 years.


Irreconocible": Así se ve Ana Layevska desarreglada y sin una gota de  pintura | TRIBUNA


No makeup pastes

The green-eyed woman born in Ukraine has a characteristic that makes her unique, as she is one of the few actresses in Mexican show business who has been seen countless times with her face washed, and not only that, but also shows off her hair collected in a bun or loose, wearing golden blonde.

In November 2022, the actress from Netflix ‘s “Triad” (2023) , in which she plays Marifer, shared a series of postcards from the Marrakesh desert, in which she can be seen without a drop of makeup  but showing off her happiness to be able to travel and visit that city of Morocco in African territory.


El hijito de Ana Layevska se acaba de estrenar en la red social de moda


“Marrakesh from my heart… what a great experience to get to know this country… getting on a camel may become the worst way to travel I have ever known. The funniest too @rodrimoreira”, he wrote at the bottom of his third of photos that have received the reactions of his fans.

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Likewise, on January 10, when she turned 41, she showed herself to be natural and proudly described what it means to be on the first steps of the fourth floor: “Me at 41, very well enjoyed, lived, worked , endured. I feel loved, wanted, accompanied by my family even if it is at a distance”, reads the first lines.


Guerra de vecinos: qué tienen en común Ana Layevska con su personaje Silvia  | Series de Netflix | nnda nnlt | FAMA | MAG.


And he continues: “This year I have to celebrate it by working on what I like the most and on another continent. What better! What a great gift! And yes… The 4th floor is the most fun, the most conscious, the least prejudiced. A lot of things just they begin and the dreams look more tangible, and more enjoyable. Highly recommended to live them 100!!! #happybirthdaytome”.

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