Emilia Fox, who plays Nikki Alexander on Silent Witness, talks about her career beyond the show

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Sarah Joseph
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Nikki Alexander
Nikki Alexander

Dr. Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and her team of pathologists return to television screens in the new season of Silent Witness to investigate a series of unexplained deaths. Dr. Nikki Alexander and Jack Hodgson (David Caves) were engaged in a conflict between a town’s leveling-up leaders and environmental activists in the most recent BBC installment, Hearts of Darkness.

In addition, Jack was put in an awkward position when a person from his past paid him a visit, threatening to disrupt his relationship with Nikki. When asked about her plans for the future of the program, Emilia revealed that she has no immediate plans to leave her position as the fan-favorite pathologist.

Silent Witness' Emilia Fox Addresses 'Difficult' Future For Nikki And Jack In Series 26 | Tv &Amp; Radio | Showbiz &Amp; Tv | Express.co.uk

Emilia spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk and addressed the possibility of an end to the series. Emilia started off by saying, “I never expected to still be portraying Nicki Alexander 18 years later, but I still adore the show as much as I did when I first started working on it.”

As a result, Silent Witness is still [being made] because of its dedicated audience.” The actress said, “And I love it, and if audiences love it, and then perhaps it will carry on being made, but you never know.”

Silent Witness' Emilia Fox Addresses Future As Nikki Alexander | Tv &Amp; Radio | Showbiz &Amp; Tv | Express.co.uk


In the prior season, viewers witnessed Nikki and Jack’s friendship blossom into romance. Newer episodes, however, have tested the strength of their connection. Now that we’re in a series, you’ve seen Jack and Nicky’s friendship develop into a romantic relationship, and you know how that works,” Emilia said.

“Do you find it harder to start a relationship with someone you’ve known for a long time?

And what will happen to them; I’m excited to see what the writers have in store for me next. While Emilia has no intentions to retire from medicine anytime soon, she did try her hand at presenting a true crime documentary last year.

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