Ozzy Osbourne, claiming that he is “not physically capable” of performing his upcoming European and UK tour dates, hints at retirement

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Ozzy Osbourne postponed the North American leg of his “No More Tours 2” in February of 2020. His “unbelievable pain” from an old accident, he added, made his degenerative condition seem little in comparison.

The Black Sabbath veteran and former star of The Osbournes announced his decision to cancel his planned European and UK tour dates in an Instagram post late Tuesday, citing his inability to handle the extensive travel.

Ozzy Osbourne retires from touring, cancels UK shows


A bit later in the social media post, Osbourne gave a cryptic indication that he might be retiring from touring altogether. “I never in a million years would have guessed that my touring days would have ended this way,” he wrote.

He did, however, add that “my team is now coming up with ideas for where I will be able to perform without having to fly from city to city and nation to country.” The place where you bought the ticket is the only place you may get a refund.

Ozzy Osbourne says neck surgery caused agony 'beyond anything I've experienced in my life' | The Independent | The Independent

The rock star fell in 2019 and injured his spine, necessitating surgery and further medical treatments in Switzerland. He has since revealed that he underwent three procedures, stem cell treatments, “endless physical therapy sessions,” and more.

In the same week that he was spotted in California signing copies of his record “Patient Number 9,” he made a brief appearance during the opening game of the 2022 NFL season, which featured the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams. Home to Roost, a spinoff of the MTV classic The Osbournes that would follow Ozzy and Sharon upon their return to the UK, was also announced by the BBC in September 2022.

Ozzy Osbourne geeft update na zijn levensveranderende operatie: “Tegenwoordig kan ik mijn hoofd omhoog houden” | Celebrities |
The entirety of Osbourne’s letter from today may be found below:

One of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to tell my devoted supporters is this. If you remember, this time four years ago, I was in a terrible accident that left me with spinal cord damage.

Getting back on stage has been my whole focus during this time. No, I don’t have any issues with my singing voice. Despite pioneering Cybernics (HAL) Treatment, which included three operations, stem cell therapies, countless hours of physical therapy, and a whole lot of cutting edge science, my body is still physically weak.

Ozzy Osbourne is still struggling to walk 6 months after surgery

“I am truly humbled by the patience with which you have held onto your tickets for so long, but in all honesty, I have finally come to the realization that I am not physically capable of doing my next European/UK tour dates, as I know I could not deal with the travel required. If I were to let my fans down, I guarantee you I would be devastated beyond belief.

This is the last thing I expected to happen to my touring career. So that I don’t have to go from city to city and country to country to perform, my team is now brainstorming potential venues for me to appear in.

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