Because February is Black History Month, Yahoo Revamped Its Logo

Black History Month
Black History Month

Award-winning American and Canadian cartoonist Alyah Holmes was commissioned by Yahoo to create a new version of the company’s emblem in honor of Black History Month.

Holmes’s Black History Month artwork evokes strong feelings in both the artist and the viewer through its focus on black culture, nostalgia, the beauty of women, and tropical surroundings.

Yahoo Reimagined Logo Celebrating Black History Month

I enjoy using a lively, humorous, and interesting style to narrating tales and bringing concepts to life. I’m so grateful for the chance to share my passion for art with the world while also influencing and entertaining others through my work.

In her youth, Holmes, who is of lighter skin tone, says she hated her naturally curly hair and straightened it every day until she was influenced by the beauty of other black women.

Black history organizations and educational resources -


Inspiring to me were the many ways in which black people express their uniqueness and individuality via their art, music, dance, poetry, and other expressions of culture.

I focused on individuals, pulling inspiration from my own life, the lives of those close to me, and the people and places I’ve visited. Because of their ability to unite and distinguish us as individuals and as a group, as well as their deep historical roots and cultural significance, music, hair, fashion, sports, and family served as major sources of creative motivation.

Yahoo's Black History Month logo makeover is seriously cool | Creative Bloq


Holmes, who sees the Black community as beautiful, hopes to utilize her paintings to spread awareness of the need of commemorating Black history all year round, not just in February.

Although Black history is ongoing and takes place every day, every year, Black History Month provides a special chance to pause and appreciate the rich history, remarkable achievements, and dazzling culture of the African Diaspora.

Pittsburgh artist Janel Young creates Yahoo's Black History Month logo | News | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper


There are several amazing and motivational people to acknowledge for getting us to this point, and there is still a long way to go before we can call ourselves successful. It breaks my heart that our community still has to deal with bigotry and discrimination. This month and every month, we rejoice in our history, our culture, and our bright future.

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