Dua Lipa suffered a resounding fall on stage and revealed that she does playback

Dua Lipa fell on stage and was accused of lip-syncing

Dua Lipa boasts figure with elegant black outfit and paralyzes Instagram
Dua Lipa boasts figure with elegant black outfit and paralyzes Instagram

The singer Dua Lipa suffered a painful accident at her concert that left her in total evidence. The singer is one of the most famous music figures in the world and she is currently hosting her “Future Nostalgia” tour.

Dua Lipa wore a fuchsia jumpsuit and was performing her song ‘Be the One’ while jumping and dancing on stage during her concert in Milan. But from one moment to another, he slipped and fell on the stage. Quickly one of her dancers helped her up and the artist continued as if nothing had happened. Fortunately, the accident did not happen to majors, but the spectators captured the moment of the fall on video and showed another painful accident.

It turns out that when Dua Lipa fell, she stopped singing due to the blow, but the music continued to play, showing that the artist was lip-syncing or had a backing track. The video went viral on social networks and Internet users began to criticize the fact that he did not sing live at the concert. Internet users questioned that Dua Lipa’s concert tickets are not as accessible and their cost is somewhat high, so viewers expect the artist to offer a live concert.

Unfortunately, it is not the first time that the interpreter of ‘Levitating’ is accused of lip-syncing. In March of this year, the artist suffered another accident on stage. While the singer was performing her show in New York one of her dancers accidentally hit the microphone and fell into the audience. After this accident, the singer was unable to recover the microphone immediately and the track continued to play with her voice, which is why many accused her of lip-syncing.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Dua Lipa was only left dancing and clapping while someone from her team brought her a new microphone.
The British singer usually delights her audience with spectacular shows and also sensual photos on her social networks where she accumulates millions of ‘Like’ and comments. On Instagram, the interpreter of “New Rules” accumulates more than 83 million followers. Likewise, the artist continues to accumulate musical successes, and her most recent album “Future Nostalgia” has been one of the most successful of her career.

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