Ángela Aguilar shows off her waist photographing herself in front of the mirror with a short top

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Hows Angela Aguilars Room 1
Hows Angela Aguilars room 1

The Mexican singer is showing less and less demure, and in recent months she has made it very clear that she is no longer a girl. Ángela Aguilar not only captivates her fans with her talent but also leaves them speechless with her beauty.

After the love scandal from which she felt quite vulnerable, the young artist took time away from the networks, but returned with everything and was more impressive than ever.” Happy” was the word with which the youngest of the ‘Aguilar Dynasty’ described her life at this time. And she did it by posting two photos where her little waist, without a doubt, stole all eyes from her. These images seem to have been taken in a bar, or at least that is what the photo reveals where she shows the mirror that says: ‘Bar La Negrita. Order a pizza’.

In the first image, the interpreter is seen sitting with the famously lost gaze pose. And in the second, she showed her casual look, taking a picture in front of the mirror. Angela wore tight hip jeans and a long-sleeved animal print top.

On this occasion, she was shown with very fresh and natural makeup, which she complemented with her hairstyle with tied pigtails and an elegant pink handbag. In just hours, her post added more than 200 thousand likes and was filled with hundreds of comments from her faithful followers.

“How pretty you are”, “Divina”, “You look just like your grandmother, may she rest in peace”, “You are very pretty, my skinny girl”, “We love your look and hairstyle”, “How I love you, darling”, “You look beautiful Ángela”, “The most beautiful of all”, “Someone explains that great body to me”, “Beautiful woman, we love you”, “How beautiful you are”, “Doesn’t your face hurt from being so pretty?”, “How nice that you are a happy princess”, “My beautiful Angela you are beautiful, beautiful, and intelligent”, and “An angel fell from heaven and it is you”, are some of the messages that have been left.

While many other fans let her know their desire to see her at this weekend’s show in Mérida, Mexico, where she will once again make them sing and enjoy her good music. “Already on the road to Mérida to see you tonight, everyone is excited but more so my little daughter”, “You make us very happy, we already want to see you”, “Beautiful I see you tonight”, “See you in a while, queen”, “I can’t wait to see you,” others wrote.

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