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Venom: Screenwriter does not rule out Spiderman in the sequel


Venom was a hit in the world box office, for that reason Jeff Pinkner (one of the writers of the film) announced this morning that the sequel is in development.

Venom: Screenwriter does not rule out Spiderman in the sequel
While Pinkner has managed to keep the secret, the truth is that in one of his statements confirmed that the second part is underway.

“I can not say anything other than what’s happening, I’m not writing it, for now,” said the screenwriter.

Although there is no exact date of the premiere, it is known that the villain of the film will be Carnage, as could be seen in the post-credits scenes.

However, it would not be all because Pinkner also made it clear that Spiderman will appear in some way in Venom 2.

“Without revealing anything that I do not owe, it’s not impossible for a future Venom movie where Spider-Man has a significant role, I think it’s fair to say that everyone involved would be very excited about a Spider-Man and Venom movie.”

This is good news for the thousands of fans who asked the trepamuros in the Venom movie. However, it is not known if this would be the same Spidey played by Tom Holland or would create an exclusive one to join the universe of Venom.

What is confirmed is that Tom Hardy has signed for three more films of the symbiote, although this depends on the success of the future sequel. As always, the fans will have the last word.

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