Justin Bieber’s health has prompted him to cut short his holiday prematurely

Justin Bieber plans to move to Canada with Hailey Baldwin
Justin Bieber plans to move to Canada with Hailey Baldwin

The emblematic face of the international music scene for many years now, Justin Bieber shocked his fans by revealing to have Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a rare neurological disease. After spending time with his partner Hailey Baldwin on a private island in the Bahamas, the musician was forced to cut short his vacation to return to Los Angeles on Monday, June 27, 2022, as reported by the American media TMZThe artist was seen disembarking from a private jet with his wife. The couple then returned home after having dinner at a restaurant in West Hollywood.

Right now, Justin Bieber is receiving the best medical care to treat his illness. The singer seems optimistic about his recovery, after which he plans to hit the road again to perform for audiences overseas. As a reminder, Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a complication of shingles. This usually occurs when a flare-up hits the facial nerve near an ear. This disease can cause facial paralysis, as was the case for Justin Bieber, but also loss of hearing in some cases, even tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Most people with Justin Bieber’s condition recover fully

Interviewed by the site Actualité Canada, Dr. Kashif Pirzada, an emergency doctor, indicated that it was ” very unusual ” for a person of Justin Bieber’s age to be affected by this syndrome, thus raising some concerns around the singer’s state of health. “ Usually it affects people with compromised immune systems and the elderly,” the healthcare professional pointed out. In the most serious cases, ” some people never regain full control of the affected part of their face “, specifies the doctor. Nevertheless,

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Written by Rachita Salian


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