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Alejandro Salomon is one of the most famous YouTubers of recent years. People popularly refer to Alejandro as Salomondrin, which is his name alias him. Having found fame on YouTube, Salomon also worked as an actor, film producer, screenwriter, and director.

Alejandro is famous for his creativity and is often approached by independent film producers and network projects. It was his passion for cinema that led Alejandro to move from Mexico to Los Angeles at the age of 19. Let’s see a little more about this man now, shall we?


Alejandro Salomondrin was born on December 7, 1984, in Mexico City, Mexico. He was born to parents Alejandro Sr. and Ari Sanders. Salomon is of Hispanic ethnicity while his ethnicity is Mexican. He grew up in a Mexican family and grew up alongside his brother David Salomon.

Alejandro had a passion for cinema from an early age. Furthermore, he also envisioned cinema and considered it a real career option. For his education, Salomon went to Anderson National College. He later graduated in 2008 and joined the Forum for International Trade Training to learn more about trade and business. Subsequently, in 2012, Alejandro was selected in the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation’s learning program. There he was able to learn a lot about the transportation system and cars.


Salomon later moved to Los Angeles and joined the film development company ‘Helios Production’. He was the producer of the company and was responsible for the development of content and the use of strategic relationships in the financial sector. He then went on to work for various film productions and this made him realize that what he did was not really making him happy. Cars, however, fascinated him and he had a great passion for them. And just like that, the content creator created a YouTube channel, ‘Salmondrin’, where he talked about cars.

Due to the impact he has had on the community of people who love cars, Alejandro is often referred to as the Donald Trump of the automotive community. Salomon is a big fan of sports cars. It goes without saying that he has his own collection of beasts such as Mercedes 4 * 4 Squared, Porche Carrera GT, Rolls-Royce Phantom and Porsche 911 R. He has also continued to establish himself in the real estate sector and is the founder of Salomon Investment Partner.

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Now looking at the personal aspects of Alejandro’s life, he is a married man and is together with the love of his life, Belen Maria Salomon. The two took their vows on May 20, 2015, and reunited with each other. Belen and Alejandro travel together quite frequently, whether for a vacation or for work.

Unlike Salomon, Belen is a professional designer from southern Spain. She reportedly first met Alejandro in 2008 on St Patrick’s Day. Salomon and Alejandro instantly fell in love and went out for a drink, and the rest is history. As of 2019, the beautiful couple lives in Woodland Hills and enjoys a wonderful life together.


Alejandro showed the world the true value of hard work and dedication. The boy of Mexican origin grew up with very little. He struggled to get to where he is today. Currently, according to our understanding, the businessman has a net worth of $ 25 million. He makes a lot of money from his work on YouTube and in the real estate business. Also, as previously mentioned, he has a fleet of cars to name him.

Evidently, Salomon is also quite active on social media platforms. He has 1.9 million fans on Instagram where he goes for @salomondrin handle and 1.5 on YouTube under the asalomondrin lead.

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