BTS shares their best life hacks that every ARMY should learn

Follow these life tips from the BTS band, the members have shared their best and most useful advice

Bts Join Spotify Exclusive Club Thanks To Song Dynamite And Gain Recognition
BTS join Spotify exclusive club thanks to song Dynamite and gain recognition

In addition to sharing messages of self-love with their songs, BTS has also shared with their fans life lessons that you can apply in your daily life. Despite having worldwide fame, the members have lived on their own since they were very young, learning how to cook, clean, and more. 

BTS has been an example of fighting bullying, hate comments, depression, and self-love, but they are also cooks and the best at creating life hacks that will serve you sometime in life. Some of the members have shared them during the group’s programs, as they have had to spend weeks or days in the same apartment, camp, or on a trip.

The life hacks that BTS has shared with their fans

  • Jungkook

The Golden Maknae Jungkook is not only talented but also very smart when it comes to creating life tips. If you hate mosquitoes or flies that sneak in from patios, he advised that you use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of these insects once and for all. 

He also shared that one way to wake up early is to change your alarm tone regularly and to lose weight or have a blemish-free face, she suggests drinking plain water.

  • V

Taehyung has also shared BTS life hacks, for example, when drinking from a can of soda, the ideal is to stick a straw in the opening of the closure with which you open the can, that way the gas will not push it up when you’re taking it Another life hack is to open a bag of chips and push from the bottom up so they stand up on the table and you can reach the chips without getting your hands full of salt or chili.

Another tip of V’s life is that when you want to flip a hotcake or an egg omelet you just have to move the pan several times until the dough comes off, so you know that it has been completely cooked on one side without sticking or sticking. break when you flip it up in the air. 

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Written by Rachita Salian


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