Johnny Depp will return to court for this dishonorable reason; what are they accusing him of?

It seems that the actor already liked going to court and in the next few days he could be in front of a judge again

Johnny Depp 2
Johnny Depp 2

The charismatic Hollywood actor, Johnny Depp, has just come out of a legal fight with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, and when everything indicated that his problems were resolved, another court case stalks the career of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor.

According to the statements of a person who worked with Deep directly during the filming of the movie ” City of Lies “, the actor mistreated and beat him, but also incited him to beat him in response and for this, he offered him 100 thousand dollars for him to do it.

The aggrieved man would respond to the name of Greg Brooks, who worked as a location manager within the film’s production team.

According to Brooks, while on the film set he had a labor disagreement with Deep and in response, the actor confronted him and hit him, as well as yelled at him “Who the f*ck are you, you have no right to tell me what to do”.

The worker pointed out that Deep punched him twice, pushed him, and in his anger offered him $100,000 to hit him back, which Brooks did not do and walked away from the site, while Johnny was protected by his bodyguards and taken to his room. cabin; the aggrieved party would have pointed out that Deep smelled of alcohol the day he attacked him.  

We will see the accusation 

After those leaks about the actor’s alleged assault, it was speculated that his star lawyer Camille Vasquez could take the case if this was carried out, but based on the evidence, the alleged lawsuit against the actor would not even reach A court.

And there is no convincing evidence that opens the possibility that the statements of Greg Brooks are taken into account.

This is because there would be another witness who would deny everything that the alleged victim narrates, and on the contrary, he could come out badly if he wanted to sue the actor.

According to that other witness, the actor did not have the mishap with his work and also uploaded a photo to social networks when the filming of the film ended in which they both participated, hugging and happy, without traces of any quarrel; In addition, the witness affirms that he has more than 40 photographs that would throw the alleged accusations to the ground and even put Brooks in predicament for an accusation of racial mistreatment that would have triggered the altercation with Deep.

The story would be resolved in the next few days, but if it materializes, the actor would return to court again with the approval of the media.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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