Bethany Lily April steals the eyes of her fans with her low-cut dress

In the first image, the model is staring at the camera with her beautiful blue eyes.

Lily 1
Bethany Lily April steals the eyes of her fans with her low-cut dress

This Tuesday, Bethany Lily April once again made her followers crazy for her, after uploading 3 photos with a dazzling outfit.

In the first image, the Miara model fixedly at the camera with her beautiful blue eyes, in addition to wearing a colorful dress, with which she makes us witnesses of her great charms.

Lily 2
Bethany Lily April

For the second snapshot, Bethany appears in profile, allowing us to appreciate her incredible figure, thanks to her fitted outfit, leaving more than one breathless.

Finally, the Englishwoman appears in a pose quite similar to the previous one, only now she throws her head back and closes her eyes, exposing her marked features.

Lily 4
Bethany Lily April

Within her post, the influencer leaves us a description in which we can read ” Never regret anything that makes you smile”, with which many of her fans agreed.

Currently, April’s publication has managed to accumulate more than 65 thousand likes, in addition to the comment box is full of thousands of messages from her fans.

Lily 3 E1637135154597
Bethany Lily April



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