From acting to selling tamales? Belinda confesses what she misses most about Mexico

Did Belinda Reject Ana Barbara Angela Aguilar Took Advantage Of It
Did Belinda reject Ana Barbara Angela Aguilar took advantage of it

While the Spanish singer Belinda is in her native Madrid, Spain, doing a press tour to promote the new series in which she is participating, she has been seen visiting different popular programs in the country, where she has given different interviews that have caused a stir among his admirers.

Another video of the singer nationalized as Mexican went viral on social networks on her way through the red carpet of the 2022 Platinum Awards event, where the media asked her different questions, among these, one was highlighted about what she misses most about Mexico, the country that saw her grow up and her response was epic.

Once again, Belinda offers a video gem that is already viral on social networks, in which she is asked what she misses most about Mexico and she confesses that the voice she hears every morning shouting: “Oaxacan tamales, warm tamales !”, doing an interpretation of ten of the street vendors of the big city.

Before the question, nostalgia evaded Belinda and she even imitated the voice with which the tamale makers offer their delicious dishes, a traditional delicacy. “What I miss the most being here in Spain is that voice in the morning that is ‘Oaxaqueños tamales, warm tamales!’ Oh! I want to hear that voice, I miss it, they don’t know how I miss it, that wonderful part that only Mexico has, but now I want some Oaxacan tamales, “the singer said when asked.

On social networks, the video is already viral and even its audio has been replicated everywhere, specifically on TikTok, the short video platform that everyone loves to use due to its functions and the extensive content it offers.

It is worth mentioning that Belinda‘s comment comes after she was criticized for allegedly missing Mexico now that she has returned to her native country, however, she has made it clear on different occasions that she is very grateful to Mexico and its inhabitants due to because they have always supported her in the best way.

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