Avengers 4: Marvel searches for “butt stunt” for the movie

Avengers 4 Marvel Searches For Butt Stunt For The Movie

According to the job description, it appears that the contractor will replace Scarlett Johansson at some point in the adventure.

When it comes to Avengers 4, Marvel is doing its best to keep each of the secrets of the long-awaited Infinite War sequence secret. But occasionally one or another piece of information ends up making headlines, such as the Black Widow’s “new interpreter” (Scarlett Johansson). According to a cast description for Avengers 4, Marvel would be looking for an actress for a somewhat unusual feature: that of a butt-stunt double.

It is not possible to say for sure that the stuntman will replace Johansson in some of the plans for Avengers 4, but everything indicates that this will be the case. According to the text above, the studio asks that women interested in the vacancy for Mary Lou – blockbuster job title – send three different photos: one of the face; one frontal, full body; and another equally full-length, but with his back to the camera. In the specific detailing of this third requirement, Marvel asks that the candidates be dressed all in black, preferably in pants that demarcate the silhouette, such as leggings or yoga pants. It looks like the Black Widow, does not it?

Hiring body-and-butt stunts, therefore – is not uncommon in Hollywood, especially when the stars in the industry will not accept sex scenes; however, in the case of Avengers 4, the cast call is curious, to say the least. In what kind of situation would the blockbuster need a butt double? In an action scene? Or another time? It remains to wait to see the final result of the Marvel initiative.

Bringing the end of the battle between the Greatest Heroes of the Earth and Thanos (Josh Brolin) and promising to be even more exciting than Infinite War, Avengers 4 is scheduled to debut for May 3, 2019 in India.


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