10 actors who will leave the Marvel Universe after Avengers 4

10 Actors Who Will Leave The Marvel Universe After Avengers

Marvel fans are increasingly looking forward to new information from Avengers 4, a movie that will close the story of Infinite Warfare and, in a way, will be the completion of a long phase at Marvel.

The movie promises to bring the outcome of several narratives involving different characters and will serve as a farewell to some actors of the studio, who will leave their characters after the story is over. Among these actors are some of the most important stars of Marvel. So we’ve listed 10 of these actors who will leave Marvel with the arrival of Avengers 4. See below:

1. Chris Evans

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Captain America has been one of Marvel’s most important figures since 2011 when he starred in his first film. The character, however, will no longer appear on studio lengths, at least for a while, as Chris Evans has shown interest in leaving the captain’s cloak aside. In fact, Evans intends to focus on the directorial career after the end of his contract with Marvel.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow

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Interpreter of Tony Stark’s love interest in all three Iron Man films, Paltrow was absent from the Marvel universe for a while, but returned to special guest appearances in Spider-Man: Back Home and Avengers: Infinite War. Paltrow has confirmed that she is in Avengers 4, but should focus less on acting career after the completion of the fourth film of the super-team Marvel.

3. Don Cheadle

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The Combat Machine will appear during the Avengers 4 events, but there is no confirmation from either Cheadle or Marvel that he will participate in later studio films.

4. Jeremy Renner

Hawkeye Civil War Costume Promo Art

The Hawk does not appear in Avengers: Infinite War, but will be in Avengers 4. Renner’s contract, however, must be finalized in this film, and even if the actor is interested in participating in a long focused only on the Hawk, Marvel is not planning such a project.

5.Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston

Despite what happened in Avengers: Infinite War, Hiddleston has a contract to participate in Avengers 4, so it is likely that fans will still see Loki, at least one last time, before the actor leaves Marvel.

6. Michael B. Jordan

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Killmonger’s interpreter in Black Panther drew attention to his debut in the Marvel universe this year. But his passage through the studio films seems to have come to an end. Although B. Jordan revealed that he would love to re-play the character, the finale of Black Panther sealed Killmonger’s fate.

7. Michael Douglas

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Michael Douglas is a mystery in the future of Marvel. At the time of the launching of Ant-Man, he even revealed that he had not signed a contract to make other films, but he had been involved in the sequel, Ant-Man and the Vespa. Maybe he’ll hit a third movie in Stage 4 of the studio, or just leave his character in the Marvel universe behind.

8. Samuel L. Jackson

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Another unknown in Marvel. The actor’s contract would apparently end in 2019 with Captain Marvel and Avengers 4, but according to the Vulture website, Jackson will still appear during the Spider-Man: Away from Home events. Thus, it is difficult to know if Nick Fury will leave Marvel after Avengers 4 or not.

9. Chris Hemsworth


Hemsworth confirmed earlier this year that his contract with Marvel ends with Avengers 4. This could mean an end to Thor in theaters, but in reality, the actor has already revealed that he would make a fourth feature film if director Taika Waititi , of Thor: Ragnarok, commanded the long one.

10.Robert Downey Jr.


The actor has been in the Marvel film universe since its inception in 2008. However, everything has an end, and the end of Downey Jr.’s contract with Marvel comes with the arrival of Avengers 4 in theaters. The actor had already said that it could not be Tony Stark forever and Avengers 4 seems to be his likely farewell to the character.


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