Angel de Brito stated what Susana Giménez’s love is still.

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Angel De Brito
Angel de Brito

After analyzing Susana Giménez’s love path, angel de Brito was encouraged to suggest that she is still in love with an ex.

Angel de Brito and Luis Ventura regularly bring to light some information about the entertainment sector and even make some analysis on different characters in the transition between LAM and Los Invasores.

Susana Giménez Compartió Una Foto Que Rápidamente Borró Pero Ángel De Brito  La Mandó Al Frente: &Quot;¿Qué Hiciste?&Quot;

After Ventura resurrected an old romance between Nazarena Velez and Huberto Roviralta, a previous lover of Susana Giménez, angel de Brito joined the Diva’s love history and convinced her that she is still in love with an ex.

“You must tip your head to Susana, because she has given us everything,” angel de Brito stated. “Bet that Naza go and tell her: ‘She glances at the ring…’. “And she had handed it to her ex Roviralta,” the LAM driver stated.

Por Error, Susana Giménez Posteó Una Foto Desde El Baño

“Now, Luis, Susana was always the loser in her relationships. The vast majority of the time, economically “De Brito investigated how Susana Giménez‘s love engagements ended.

“In fact, she was a major winner in her field. In real life, they messed up a lot, “Luis Ventura narrowed down De Brito’s idea, who subsequently recalled that she” made a lot of money with Corcho Rodrguez.

Susana Giménez Publicó Una Foto Por Error Y Quedó Expuesta En Redes | El  Destape

At the time, the LAM driver elaborated on his spicy idea and divulged the identity of the past love of Susana Giménez, who, according to him, continues to spin in the Diva’s brain even after time passes.

“Of course, we leave Ricardo Darn out of this. She continues to exchange moments and claims that they are family. “I believe she is still in love with Corcho,” angel de Brito declared.

La Insólita Foto Que Susana Giménez Publicó Por Error Y Luego Borró |  Minuto Argentina

“Vero Lozano, don’t listen to me. I’m not saying she’s dead in love, but he appears to be her last significant love. So the Uruguayan Rama subsequently only gave him problems,” the driver remarked.

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