Tan Biónica startled Chano with her comeback to Lollapalooza


Chano took advantage of and reconnected with Tan Biónica, a band that had temporarily disbanded in 2016, as part of his Lollapalooza presentation. Tan Biónica debuted at the festival with four of their greatest hits and revealed that they will perform at a stadium.

Lollapalooza, the country’s most major festival, began on Friday. More than 100,000 people were present in a packed San Isidro Hippodrome, with tickets sold out for three consecutive days, and experienced many shows and surprises, such as Chano’s show, which astonished and announced the return of Tan Biónica.

Bombazo: vuelve Tan Biónica

After Oración al sol, the recital’s second song, Chano said, “don’t leave because this will be a historic night,” raising the hopes of the audience who packed the Flow stage. Following Mecha and Carnavalintro, which had all the spectators dancing, came a touching rendition of Naistumichu.

After spending several days in the hospital and surrounded by anxiety and secrecy about his health, Chano returned to the stage last weekend, but the biggest surprise and most anticipated event for both him and those around him was this Friday at Lollapalooza.

Tan Biónica encendió la segunda noche de Música en el Río

With a little more weight and possibly a few lost eyeballs as a result of the medicines, Chano continued the act with Claramente before making the long-awaited announcement.

Chano Charpentier continued with the microphone, the music stopped, and he announced that “we have the most awaited news, and that is that Tan Biónica is back in five minutes,” causing an explosion among those present, which increased when the musician said “we will make the last magical city, We will do a show in a stadium in Buenos Aires,” while a clock appeared on the screens and began to count down from five minutes, as Chano announced.

Tan Biónica encendió la segunda noche de Música en el Río

Using pictures and tunes from Tan Biónica, the musician’s first band, which broke up in 2016, the five minutes intensified the excitement and suspense for fans anticipating the band’s return after nearly 7 years. separated.

Magic City was the first of four Tan Biónica songs to be performed at night, resulting in possibly the most important moment of Lollapalooza Day 1.

Harlem Festival vibró en su segundo día y tuvo su gran cierre con Emilia  Mernes y Chano Charpentier - Notife

Other songs that sounded louder and with incomprehensible agitation by people present who were surprised by the moment and, without imagining it, witnessed a historic event for the band were Ella, Obsessionario en la mayor, and La melody of God. Chano’s comeback to the major stages following his hospitalization.

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