30 things that you should not do after 30

Men after 30 what to do
Men after 30 what to do

If you have three decades of life, you should stop doing certain things, and we do not say it, but your premature wrinkles, your wallet, your nephews, your parents, and yourself in front of the mirror on several occasions.

The 20 is probably the funniest decade in people’s lives. At that age, responsibilities are few and freedom is (almost) total. In addition, your body is in one of its best states, so you can exceed in certain pleasures without having to suffer the serious consequences.

30. Excess of parties

We do not say it because bitter, on the contrary. But your body will let you know that exceeding your parties is not as fun as before. Also, be very careful with wrinkles under your eyes and your wallet is no longer funny.

29. Leave the exercise for later

Before you could eat a pizza, two hot dogs and a beer without any problem. Now, these foods can remain as “reserves” (belly) in your body, in addition, the years have not taught you that eating well is reflected throughout your body?

28. Continue using crocs to leave home

No. Just not. They are perhaps the worst footwear that someone could think of to ‘design’ and that someone might have thought of buying, there are hundreds of tennis models and comfortable sandals, why choose plastic flip-flops?

27. Live with your parents

We know that the economy is difficult but if you want to be respected, do something about it. Nobody wants to spend the night with a man who lives by his parents’ rules, and more importantly, they can hear them, yes you know what we’re talking about.

26. Flee from commitment

You used to pretend that you were too young to commit yourself, now you are at the right age. There is no excuse anymore, brother. It’s time to live and move to another level, it is not imperative that you do it now, just take into account that you could soon be the eternal uncle chavo-ruco.

25. Postpone your goals

Remember when you enlisted in the University and you said you wanted to be a director, manager or have your own company? What happened? If you have not noticed, the years for us already seem six months, take advantage of them.

24. Unveil every day

Same case as point number 30. Your body will claim your actions. We say it from experience. Also men need to recharge our battery more because we use more physical energy, seven or eight hours is the least you can (must) sleep.

23. Stop living in the past

Enough of talks that start with a ‘… remember when we were kids’, to hell with melancholy, it is good to remember as long as you continue to ‘write’ with enthusiasm every day of your life (and we are not optimists) only live in the present, Think of what you have in front of you, not in what your mind imagines and longs for the past.

22. Dress up as a teenager

It is one thing to stay at the forefront of fashion and quite another is that your wardrobe is full of the clothes that Justin Bieber would wear. In fashion what suits you, do not restrain yourself, unless you have very bad taste and little perception of your visual reality, remember that if you feel uncomfortable lights uncomfortable and vice versa.

21. Be impulsive

That’s a typical adolescent attitude, make no mistake, that thousands of people living with the Peter Pan complex does not mean it’s okay. Do not let anything shake your peace, now you have the advantage of the years, remember that to every action a reaction, and if you do not remember it often, let that scar remind you …

20. Forget adolescence

This time is already far away, since you walked 15 years around the Earth, it was very fun to experiment and leave a lot of our destiny at random, but now you know what will happen if you do such a thing, besides why keep wanting to behave like a adolescent, if when you were, the most you wanted was to grow?

19. Wear wrinkled clothes

Before it was to see your mother’s face when you threatened to go out to the street full of wrinkles, now it is enough to see the face of your girlfriend, boss or anyone around you when you arrive with thousands of wrinkles on that shirt or pants, and frankly we do not It matters the face or dislikes of anyone, but is that wrinkles do look bad, that you care about you, not anyone else.

18. Leave for cooking classes tomorrow

I remember mom saying: And then you put cumin and a garlic … We never paid attention and now our food tastes like hell, no longer postpone your classes you will eat richer.

17. Watch movies all day

Maybe your best love story is that of man-television, but you must let it go, there are many more interesting things to do out there, where there are people, light, life …

16. Complain about everything

If you complain is because you do not take care of yourself, take responsibility for what you want and get it no matter all the external factors, if you want it you will find the form, otherwise you will find another complaint, complaining about everything is an unproductive attitude, unless it is accompanied of an active proposal.

15. Fall in love with everything that happens in front of you

One thing is to fall in love and another to filter so when we say “love” men we know what we mean, we want to be with that girl, and with that of there and with your neighbor because with your sister you can not; Girls hate knowing this so you could be discreet, of course until you get sick and look for something serious. Just put your alarm, do not miss the good one remember that you already have 30.

14. Be boring

This should be prohibited at any age, a bored person gives laziness and low energy. Exercise is a good source of endorphins, practice something, break the routine, dare to do what you want, boring people are often repressed and / or chronically depressed, so think that they are.

13. Do not worry about reading

How many books do you read per year? Maybe before, and before I refer to primary or secondary, you will not like it-it will be interesting to read, but reading comprehension produces more connections between our neurons (synapses), it’s interesting and even fun to read, your vocabulary and thoughts are they will nourish more, the conversations with you will be more attractive, in short, take a book with you everywhere.

12. Run your car to everything it gives

One thing is that you see movies where they do, and another you want to do, no longer provoke or accept provocations of the type of the car next door, plus it can be dangerous in several areas, it is a very cavernicola attitude.

11. Daydreaming

You can spend several minutes that become hours, days, months and years, thinking, imagining, wanting, longing, in a few words daydreaming, do not misunderstand me, a great project started by an idea, but precisely “dreams” must to be accompanied by actions, in another way, you are not living.

10 Live a day

It’s very simple but sometimes we complicate it, it’s like alcoholics or Buddhists say, live today as if it were the last day of your life as if it only mattered today, in particular it works well, you can venture under that premise, give your maximum potential and always enjoy.

9. Do not worry about your style

You have already gone through many fashions and styles, you define yours, you can take elements of fashion, but not walk like a fashion kite, decide what really suits you and exploit it in your favor.

8. Stop dancing in ridiculous ways

Maybe some of you are luckier than me in this, but unless you have adopted it as something peculiar to your personality, do not dare ridiculous please, in trust between friends and family you can, but with the girl you like or with strangers what better be that you know how to dance well, nothing more funny, obvious not for you, than to see you dance with your two left feet or with your epileptic attacks style Ian Curtis.

7. Do not worry about your health

Remember that exercising will keep you young, that eating well cares for your organism from within, and that the grenache of Dona Pepita can not be your breakfast and dinner forever.

6. Live attached to Social Networks

There is life out there, keep a constant profile in your networks, you do not want everyone to know about your ups and downs, you do not have to publish all your destinations, but useful and interesting things; Besides, being a stalker is nothing productive, suddenly you find yourself two hours later in the (or the profiles) of someone who does not even peel you.

5. Talk a lot about you

A safe person does not need to talk much about himself, and instead, he likes to listen to what other people have to say, he refrains from repeating his same exploits again and again, unless asked to count them (rare cases) . Talking a lot about you also reflects that you need to get attention and that other people do not care much, maybe the best thing is to create a conversation according to time, place and people. Special note: Girls hate this behavior.

4. Being self-pity

Remind me of what it has been useful to commiserate with you over and over again for not achieving your goals. Oh yes, it has not helped you; Then, get to work for what you want. And as Nietzsche said, there is nothing more repulsive than self-criticism.

3. Leave the fights

There are those who enjoyed or enjoy getting into trouble as much as they can, but are not you tired? Frankly, that’s not for you anymore, you’re a man and the years had to make you more reasonable. Unless it’s about life or death, get your fists out.

2. Do not enjoy life

Once I realized when I returned from work, that day was not happy, then I told myself, only today will be April 28 of the X year, so why not make something fun happen, or just enjoy the rest of the day? Moral, do not fuck your days, enjoy them no matter what is happening. We learned a long time ago that it’s not about cheap psychology, it’s about being a man every day, doing things with force, doing them well, making them worth.

1. Worry about what others say

Maybe at age 13 when your personality was not yet defined it was acceptable to worry about what they will say, but today you are a man with three decades of life, you can not pay attention to what others say about decisions that already you thought and you already took, unless it’s your boss. We can be tolerant with others, but we do not have to please anyone, more than our own pleasure.

What do you think?

Written by Arun Sharma


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