Such fear of Taliban, dogs and cats will also be airlifted by charter plane!

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There has been an outcry in Afghanistan since the terrorist organization Taliban took power. Thousands of people from Afghanistan are trying to leave the country at Kabul Airport, and during this time the oppression of the Taliban continues. In such a situation, due to the terror of the Taliban, not only humans but also 200 dogs and cats will be airlifted from Afghanistan.

Britain’s Defense Minister said on Wednesday that Farthing (British), the owner of an animal shelter in Afghanistan, will be allowed to rescue about 200 cats and dogs from Kabul on a charter plane.

Although the high-profile campaign to remove the animals has sparked controversy there as thousands of people want to leave Afghanistan for fear of the Taliban before the withdrawal of United States troops by August 31, they have found no means to do so. Used to be.

While serving in Afghanistan with the British Army, Farthing founded an animal shelter called Nauzad in Kabul to rescue cats, dogs and donkeys.


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