Rocket attack on Kabul airport: terrorists used this rocket launcher car

The projectiles were repelled by the airport’s defense system and at the moment did not leave any victims.

Taliban investigate the car from which the attack was launched AFP
Taliban investigate the car from which the attack was launched AFP

The rockets launched this Monday at the Kabul airport, which so far left no victims, were fired from the back of a vehicle during the first hour of the morning in the Lab-e-Jar area, in the north of the city. .

The White House reported that the United States Army maintains its operations at the Hamid Karzai Air Terminal (HKIA). Washington said in a statement that “operations continue without interruption”, although the letter did not provide details on the actions of its forces to repel the attack.

“Several rockets were fired towards Kabul airport, most of which landed in unoccupied areas and caused no casualties. So far we have no reports of victims, ” Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi told Efe . “We are investigating the rocket attacks to determine who and why they were carried out,” he added.

Another Taliban source consulted by Efe, who requested anonymity, assured that the artifacts were mostly intercepted by the defense system of foreign forces at the airport.

Residents near the airport reported hearing the sound of the missile defense system activating and seeing shrapnel falling from the sky, indicating that at least one rocket was intercepted. The White House confirmed the rocket attack on the airport and assured that the evacuation continued without interruption.

For their part, residents of the area from where the rockets were fired reviewed the destroyed vehicle, with a launch system still visible in the back seat .

“It was six in the morning when the sound of an explosion was heard here, and I came to see the area of ​​the explosion. I think they shot the airport from here, ”said Farogh Danish. “People are terrified and worried about the future, worried that the rocket launch may continue,” he lamented.

Another neighbor identified as Gharzai related: “Our house is here. We were sitting in our house when there was a terrible explosion, and I thought a rocket had hit somewhere. When I looked out the door, I saw rockets being launched at the airport from a car. There were loud noises, and I didn’t understand if it was six or seven shots ”.

On Sunday, US forces had launched a drone attack on a vehicle in which, according to intelligence sources, there was a suicide bomber who planned to attack in the airport area. Local reports speak of up to nine dead, while the Pentagon added that it is still investigating the possible victims.

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