The 12 best places to travel in 2023

From Guatemala to the Yukon, hospitality experts pick the trending vacation destinations for 2023

best places to travel
best places to travel

Need some recommendations about where to go next year? We were curious too, so we polled some industry insiders for their take.

The responses they gave were all over the map (which, in this case, is a very good thing). Tourism to Asia and Australia, both of which were shut down for years due to the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus, is making a strong recovery thanks in large part to the reopening of borders by countries like Japan and Singapore. Is that what you’re into, too? Misty Belles, managing director of Virtuoso, defines as “isolation with intention” vacations those in which the traveller goes to a remote (and presumably sparsely inhabited) region on purpose. Get ready to leave for the Patagonia in Chile, the Yukon, or Greenland.
New hotels are also opening up. Many new luxury hotels have opened in one historic city, reviving tourism in this already popular European destination.

Here are the top 12 destinations to visit in 2023.


Antigua Guatemala.

Guatemala is one of the most culturally-rich LATAM destinations, but for too long it has been overshadowed by more popular countries in the region. You should go to Guatemala not just to meet its kind people and marvel at the country’s stunning scenery. The recently opened, lavish and exclusive Villa Bokeh is one of Antigua’s most refined luxury hotel options. — Tom Marchant, Co-Founder of Black Tomato

Canadien Yukon Region

Yukon Territory Canada.

In response to requests from our guests for more authentic cultural immersion, we are venturing into Canada’s remote Northwest Territories and Yukon. The Yukon is characterised by its historic sites, rich culture, and spectacular vistas, while the Northwest Territories are overflowing with wildlife, Indigenous-owned housing, and great placement to, season permitting, view the magnificence of the Northern Lights. The highlight, however, is the kind locals you’ll encounter. Tom Marchant

The High North

East Greenland.
Since Antarctica was everyone’s favourite adventure destination in 2022, the Arctic is likely to take its place. Travelers in search of untouched nature and a view of the Northern Lights will soon make their way to Greenland, which like neighbouring Iceland, provides the option for “isolation with intention” (a.k.a., getting away from the crowds and testing one’s own limitations). Director of Operations at Virtuoso, Misty Belles

City of Málaga in southern Spain

The Malga cityscape.

Málaga topped all other cities worldwide in terms of 2023 Airbnb traveller searches. Cultural activities on the magnificent Costa del Sol have flourished in Málaga in the previous decade, turning the city into a vibrant cultural centre. The Pompidou Center, a modern art treasure enclosed in a multicoloured glass cube, is just one of several new museums to open there. As impressive as the museum culture is, the street art scene is much more so, with vivid murals covering entire neighbourhoods. Airbnb’s Global Head of Host Operations Catherine Powell

Mozambique’s Benguerra Island

A dhow on the shores of Bazaruto Island Mozambique.
The Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique is a collection of five islands known for its pristine beaches and rich marine life. Benguerra, the second largest, has arisen as a rogue and covert high-end vacation destination. Whether you choose the brand-new Kisawa Sanctuary or the tried-and-true andBeyond Benguerra Island, you’ll have a tropical escape like no other, with miles of deserted shoreline and nary a soul in sight. You can go dugong (a rare sea cow) spotting with your resort, or you can take a trip on a dhow (a traditional African fishing boat). Taylor, Elise

Italian Basilicata

Matera at sunrise.nbsp
Checked off Puglia and Sicily already? As a travel junkie with a particular interest in the southern regions of Italy, I predict that Basilicata will be the region to watch (and, ideally, visit) in 2023. Matera’s ancient caves, winding hilltop streets, and crumbling Baroque churches are well-known to tourists; the town was also the setting for a high-adrenaline car chase in the latest Bond film, No Time to Die. However, this still-unspoiled region also features pristine beaches, a fascinating history, and lip-smackingly fresh seafood. Trying to find the best starting point? Visit the Santavenere Hotel, a lovely five-star establishment in Maratea, the so-called “jewel of the Tyrrhenian,” opened by the creators of Puglia landmark Borgo Egnazia. -Liam Hess, Senior Editor at Vogue Living


Kawaguchiko Lake Japan.
Everyone wants to go to Japan, and there’s a huge unmet demand for it. As this was the “it” place to go before the epidemic, there is still demand for it despite the fact that many people had to postpone their trips because of the disaster, and there is also new interest in visiting Japan for its unique cultural offerings. False Charms

Scotland’s Capital and Largest City, Edinburgh

A view over Edinburgh.nbsp
Edinburgh may have been established in the 1200s, but even after more than 800 years, it continues to amaze with its variety and originality. Modern abstract art hangs beneath a gorgeous dome from the 19th century at the newly opened Gleneagles Townhouse, where you can also enjoy cutting-edge drinks and a classic Sunday roast at the hotel’s restaurant. Luxury boutique hotel 100 Princes Street, with an interior designed by Alexander McQueen, and Richard Branson’s Virgin Hotel will open in the city later this year. Taylor, Elise

In Portugal’s Douro Valley

Vineyards surrounding the River Douro.nbsp
In 2019, visit the lush, dramatic hills of northern Portugal’s Douro Valley for some of the most jaw-dropping views (and wonderful wine) in all of Europe. The drive itself is a treat, as the core of the region is only an hour or two east of Porto; passing through the lovely vineyards and charming villages that dot its slopes on the winding roads that descend from the highlands is like stepping into another universe. In addition to a growing list of luxury buildings, including the outstanding Six Senses, the area is rich in history, with highlights including the mediaeval pilgrimage town of Lamego and its massive tiled stairs and stately churches. More than anything else, though, it’s just a great spot to chill out and take it easy, Portugal-style.


Marina Bay Singapore.
Due of the limited access over the past two years, returning is a high priority. Anyone looking to have a fantastic time should visit for the food, the people, and the mix of nature and city. If you can time your visit to Singapore around the Grand Prix, you will find the city to be an even more exciting place to be. Creative Director of Tumi, Victor Sanz

Patagonia, a Chilean National Park

Cuernos del Paine Patagonia Chile.
In 2018, Chile received the largest private land contribution ever made to a country, helping the country set aside 11 million acres for national parks. Tompkins Conservation Foundation, named after North Face and Esprit founder and philanthropist Doug Tompkins, paved the door for Chile to significantly increase protection of the unspoiled Patagonia region. Land in the southern region of Aysén was donated to Chile to create the Patagonia National Park, which now spans over 750,000 acres and is part of the new Patagonia National Parks Network. This region stands out from others in Patagonia, Argentina, because of its exceptional biodiversity and its isolation from the tourist trail. Your Chilean experience can begin at the brand new Explora Lodge, continue in Santiago at the also brand new and discreetly exquisite Hotel Magnolia, and conclude in the Atacama Desert at Tierra Atacama. Tom Marchant

Geographical Location: Rome, Italy

A view of Rome.
The Edition, the Bulgari, and the Six Senses are just a few of the high-end hotels opening in Rome this year. These highly awaited properties, many of which have a modern flair, will only renew interest in the Eternal City.

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