10 BEST Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh (2021)


Chandigarh, India’s first planned city, is well-known for its urban design, architecture, and engineering. Tourists come to Chandigarh from all over India and around the globe. Le Corbusier, the famed French architect, created the city, which offers a harmony between an urban metropolis and nature reserves. This cosmopolitan metropolis is a Union Territory of India as well as the state capital of Punjab and Haryana. The city of Chandigarh is most renowned for its architecture, beautiful gardens and parks, and tranquil lakes. It also serves as an entrance to hill stations such as Morni Hills, Shimla, and Kasauli.


10 BEST Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh (2021)
rock garden

Started as a hobby by the founder Nek Chand Saini in 1957, the Rock Garden of Chandigarh has now become one of the best tourist places in Chandigarh. Spread in more than 40 acres of seamlessly designed and decorated land, Rock Garden is embellished with more than 5,000 illustrations sculptures. What’s more amazing is the fact that everything the place holds is made out of various industrial and urban waste. The garden is segregated into three parts, each with a distinct collection of sculptures. From light spouts, terra cotta plants to a creative display of broken home appliances, the place is truly enigmatic to watch and walk around in. This is also what makes the Rock Garden, a go-to place to visit in Chandigarh, especially for a weekend getaway.


10 BEST Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh (2021)
sukhna lake

The 3km long Sukhna Lake serves as a home for a number of birds including the Siberian duck and the crane. Standing amongst the greatest places to visit in Chandigarh for nature lovers, activities like boat rides across the lake, fishing, water skiing, and enjoying the beautiful sunset are much relished by many who visit this lake. Strolling across the waterfronts of the lake is a delightful experience everybody enthusiasts must enjoy. You can pay a visit to this place and enjoy a beautiful evening with your loved ones or just by yourself there.


10 BEST Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh (2021)
zakir hussain rose garden

Spread across an area of more than 30 acres of land, Zakir Hussain Rose Garden in Chandigarh holds some of the most elegant and fascinating collections of roses not only from India but also the world. Migrating from various parts of the country, a collection of more than 1600 species of 5000 rose plantations can be found here. Apart from roses, the place also homes a bunch of graceful trees including plants of bel, camphor, bakers, harar, and others. Tourists from various parts of the world visit the place and no matter how many times they tour, they always find themselves awestruck by its beauty.


10 BEST Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh (2021)
leisure valley

Awning an illustrious space of more than 8 kilometers, Leisure Valley is an elegant park in Chandigarh. The valley is considered to be the only destination in the entire county with multitudes of parks and gardens inside a premise. From botanical to rose, terrace, and Hibiscus, the Valley holds tens of imperial parks and gardens spread across the area. Leisure Valley, also acknowledged as the ‘lungs of Chandigarh’ was designed by Le Corbusier as an astonishing effort towards making the city a greener place for the people. Reach this flawlessly designed park for holidaymakers.


10 BEST Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh (2021)
japanese garden

A brand new extension to the glorious amalgamation of gardens Chandigarh has, the Japanese Garden was opened for the public in 2014. Spread across a vast 13 acres of land, the garden exhibits various aspects of Japanese culture and tradition. From the equanimity of the Zen garden to the peaceful atmosphere of the meditation hut, ponds, and a pagoda tower, tourists can indulge in a variety of activities here in the garden. A spiritual place for some, an enigmatic tourist attraction for others, the Japanese Garden serves all kinds of visitors and holidaymakers.


10 BEST Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh (2021)
terraced garden

Found in sector 33 of Chandigarh, Terraced Garden is an acknowledged spot, celebrated for its lush collection of vibrant flowers and lanky trees. Founded in the year 1979, the garden is covered in more than 10 acres of land. Since its inception, new and varied species of tropics, shrugs, and flowers have been continually added to the area making it one of the most attractive places to visit in Chandigarh. Additionally, a number of shows and events are also commemorated at Terraced Garden around the year and are much loved by visitors.


10 BEST Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh (2021)
fun city

Fun City is a popular amusement park that is located at a distance of around 20 km from Chandigarh. It is sited on the Panchkula-Barwalla Nadha Sahib Gurudwara Highway. It includes an amusement park, water park, and resort within its bounds and is spread over 43 acres of scenic land. Funcity claims the distinction of being the biggest amusement and water park in the entire northern part of India. Fun City is an all-time favourite of the children, who love to spend the full day at the place. In fact, almost every person, irrespective of his/her age, enjoys spending time here; exploring the thrilling rides and water sports. The hi-tech hydraulic rides are amongst the most striking and thrilling rides of the park.


10 BEST Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh (2021)
topiary park

Built for the little lads, the Topiary Park in Chandigarh is decorated with fresh-cut creeps, bush, and plants in various shapes of animals including bears, elephants, and more. The park was founded in 1987 and its grand orientation has slowly grown into a favorite place among children. Spread in a massive area, the grassland provides a ton of space for a number of activities. During the weekend, one can witness a large mob of kids having the time of their life, rolling, playing, and running around in the park. In other words, if you are a family guy with kids, Topiary Park is one of the best places to visit in Chandigarh.


10 BEST Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh (2021)
shopping plaza, sector-17, chandigarh

The Shopping Plaza in Sector 17 is one of the oldest arcades in the city and sees a massive footfall on a daily basis. It is undoubtedly one of the outstanding shopping places in Chandigarh and houses an immense assortment of apparel, carpets, traditional footwear, food stalls, and handicrafts. It is brimmed with several big brand stores, international outlets, food chains, and eateries and is a popular hangout place for youngsters and adults. From kids’ wear, fashion apparel, and trendy accessories to bridal stores, home décor products, and regional delicacies, the market has got something for everyone and is bustling with visitors throughout the day. All the items sold here are worth buying and splurging on since you are less likely to find the same work anywhere else in the country.


10 BEST Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh (2021)
palika bazar, chandigarh

One of the other best options for shopping in Chandigarh is Palika Bazaar in Sector 19 that blends two different markets at one place, namely Palika Bazaar and Sadar Bazaar. The market is affordable and has been one of the best markets for youth to pick up their own style, be it fashionable attire, accessories, footwear, cosmetics, and much more. You can relish the rich variety of authentic mouth-watering Punjabi cuisine, as the place is dotted with eateries and restaurants. Do try the Lachha Parathas, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikkas, Chole Bhature, Tandoori fish, and a variety of Kebabs. Finish your meal with some of the sweet treasures that the city is famous for such as piping hot Jalebi, Roh di Kheer, Baalushahi, Gulab Jamun, Sheer Korma, and more. Don’t forget to buy phulkari work textiles when you visit here.

Tourists can stay in deluxe resorts and hotels, heritage buildings, business and economy hotels, guesthouses, and holiday homes based on their preferences and budgets. For its amenity, the location has effectively touched the hearts of people of all ages. As a centre of many events, Chandigarh offers a wide range of gazing spots and tourist hotspots ideal for all kinds of travelers. From landscape to architecture and culture, nightlife to shopping, the famous tourist location promises you the ultimate memorable experience. A trip to Chandigarh would undoubtedly amaze you with its aura and dynamic heritage of both medieval tradition and modernity.

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