Enjoy your vacation in Havana: get to know five current hotel offers for September and October


Looking for a vacation rental in Havana? The tourist chain Gaviota has on offer a series of stay supplements in various hotel facilities in the capital. The period of stay will remain in force until October 31. One of the spaces included in this promotion is the emblematic Hotel Tryp Habana Libre. The property, run by Meliá, proposes a price of 2,100 CUP for each adult for visitors who occupy a shared room. For individual rooms, the cost of stay is 2 thousand 767 per individual.

The Cohiba, another of the hotels run by Meliá and one of the most luxurious in the city, has a combo of reduced prices to offer customers. On this occasion, they propose a payment of 8,889 CUP per client for double rooms and 9,823 for single rooms.

In this case, the offer code is 2022REC1703 and it will also be available until October 31. The Presidente Hotel, nestled between G and Calzada streets in Vedado, promotes a supplement of 3 thousand per person at the end of the coming month of October. In turn, the single room amounts to 4 thousand 350 in the same facility. Both fit the ROCVERMI01 promotion.

Finally, the Tarará residential complex has accommodation availability until next September 15. The essential feature of this offer is that it is aparthotels and customers will have the opportunity to choose whether they want facilities with double or single rooms.

The bungalow with a single bedroom has a cost of 1,595 CUP per person and for stays with two rooms, the current price is 1,411 CUP. It is also important to point out that these are the references for properties located on the beachfront (about 500 meters from the sea). The rate of the houses includes a daily minibar of drinks and national liquors, according to availability. It consists of 1 bottle of rum of some Cuban denomination and 2 bottles of soda of a liter and a half.

All these Gaviota facilities remind potential clients that they have a minimum of 2 nights per service contract.

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